I have many memories of my childhood. They range from happy to bizarre but a memory is a memory right? It is hard for me to chose just one memory to write about because I have so many great ones! And what exactly qualifies for “favorite”. If I have a memory of my hair getting chopped off by my first crush does that mean it is too sad to be a favorite? I think not! You can read more about that story here.

Other than my first crush totally ruining my kindergarten swag I would have to say that moving to Utah was my favorite memory. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hated the idea of moving away from my family, friends, and school but I had no idea how great my first year would be.
The first day we moved up to Utah completely blew my mind. I remember very clearly listening to Vitamin-C Graduation song on repeat the entire drive and silently crying in the back seat while scribbling in my journal how much I hated my parents. I had no idea what my new house/room was going to look like, or if I would make new friends, or if I would still be able to talk to my cousins. I was terrified and pissed but I couldn’t change anything.
When we finally got to Utah I hated it. No trees anywhere, it was blazing hot, and I was officially that weird new girl that just moved in. We got to the house and I wouldn’t admit it back then but it was beautiful! It was huge and I had my own room with my own bathroom! Like what?!
We started the long process of unloading all of the boxes and all of a sudden a bunch of random people showed up to help. Who are you people and why do you want to help us do manual labor? And why the heck do you have cookies?? Apparently our new neighbors saw that we were moving in and just decided they would help out. I was very impressed.
I had just moved to a brand new town with very low expectations and yet some strangers willingly decided to help our family and bring us cookies. And then they asked me if I wanted to go to Dairy Queen with them to get some ice cream! How could you not like these people? It was my very first blizzard ever and it was delicious plus I had already made a new friend and it was only my first day.
Long story short, I love remembering how generous these people were. I had a complete and total hate towards my family and the state of Utah and fully intended on hating it for the rest of my life or running away, but a group of people were able to bring me back down to Earth and remind me that there is good in the world. I learned that you can find happiness in every situation if you look and accept it. I may not have relaized it back then but I certainly see it now. Plus I learned how amazing DQ Blizzards are and really what is life without having a blizzard?
Almost every single favorite memory I have from my childhood stems from an experience I have had after moving to Utah and I will be forever grateful to call this place H O M E.

But just for fun here are some more favorites:
-Singing Spice Girls with my cousins in our beach house
-Playing in old military bunkers
-School shopping at Nordstrom with my mom
-Family reunions at the Lake
-Exploring the woods behind our house
-Buying my first CD (Ricky Martin. No shame)
-Having a Halloween themed birthday party

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