5:30 am: First alarm goes off and I quickly turn it off so I don’t wake up the hubs

5:45am: Start waking up and debate sleeping for 15 more minutes or look at my phone to help me wake up; phone always wins.

6:00am: Second alarm goes off. I’m really getting sick of Kevin Rudolf’s Here’s to Us

6:50am: Freak out because I have to leave for work but I still haven’t had breakfast – again.

6:54am: Impatiently waiting next to the clock in machine at work because we aren’t allowed to clock in until 6:55. Longest minute ever!

7:00-7:30am: Answer phone calls, respond to emails, catch up with coworkers, etc.

7:32-7:40am: Get volunteered to go pick up drinks for everyone because we are all so dang tired but happily do it because I could seriously go for some caffeine.

7:45-8:00am: Run to gas station to get drinks for everyone and come back with at least one missing drink

8:00-11:29am: Answer phone calls, talk about how great and awake we now feel, and do work.

11:30am: Start debating about where we should go to lunch.

12:30pm: Still no decision on lunch.

12:40pm: “Fine I am just going to (enter establishment of choice) without you guys!” “But Chandler waaaiiitt we want to go there to”

12:50pm: Go pick up lunch for everyone. And yes I mean everyone; don’t worry I have a solid system by now

1:15pm: Pass lunches out to everyone and then E A T

2:00pm: Go on actual 30 minute break! Typically go home or Maverick for a drink or take a nap in my car

2:32pm: Back from break; I’m always a couple minutes late

2:33-5:00pm: Continue answering phone calls, solving problems, and saving the world one airplane at a time

5:00-5:56pm: Happy dance all the way to my car because I’m off work!

5:57-8:00pm: Avoid all responsibilities like cleaning. Instead blog, watch Netflix, Snapchat little sister, and think about how boring my life is.

8:00-8:30pm: Get ready for bed! Yes I go to bed this early (sometimes I can make it until 10). #noshame

Yeah that pretty much sums up my daily life. Sometimes I like to spice my evenings up with a movie instead of Netflix, crafting, or going over to a friends house but that is pretty much it! Sorry I’m not as cool as you may think I am. My weekends though….that’s a whole different experience!

Do you have a daily routine? How to you spice up your routine?

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  1. I am loving this post! I just did one of these for a guest post and they are so fun because you really think about how your day goes.