It is the middle of October and it is still 80 degrees here in southern Utah. On top of that the nearest mountains are at least an hour away so seeing the leaves change isn’t exactly easy. Thankfully my little sister and I found a little slice of heaven while we were out! Back behind a cemetery just a little outside of town is the most adorable little pond surrounded by trees and unmarked paths. So naturally we had to stop and take some fun fall photos 🙂

I’m not really sure why I happened to have this trunk and cup in my car (#bloggerproblems) but they were there so we used them! And of course they were the perfect props for this fun shoot. I may not have pine trees or crisp weather but at least I have little sisters who are great photographers.

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I want to see your fall photos! Comment your Instagram handle below or use the hashtag #lifeasoffall for me to see them 🙂

0 thoughts on “Fall Photos”

  1. Hey girl! Love all the greenery pics, they're really something else.

    We are thick in the throes of fall, with leaves changing colors by the day. Check out of of my fall pics, I've posted a few.

  2. Your mug totally made me crave hot cocoa and warm blankets! I love your scarf and hat! They add the perfect edge to make a t-shirt and jeans just a little bit more! It's so cute!

  3. That mug is fabulous, and so are you! You have the cutest hair ever. I cut mine and tried to rock it like that (Kelley Ripa style) and it just didn't work for me! I love it all so much!!! Pretty lady.

  4. Totally agree about the warm weather still (I'm in Houston and it's so frustrating lol). Love stripes, love boots and love THIS SCARF YOU HAVE! I need a plaid scarf asap.

  5. Isn't the mug just perfect?? It is a little smaller but it was too cute to pass up. I loved dressing up my usual tshirt and jeans with the scarf and hat too! This time of year I wear scarves almost every day haha.

  6. Oh man I'm glad you understand the struggle with “fall” weather. I can't believe it is basically November and it is still high 70 degrees, it's sad. But this scarf! I love it! I got it at H&M 🙂

  7. For southern Utah this is totally normal weather this time of year. Our winters are really short and the coldest is high 50's. If you just go an hour north of where I live though it is a world of difference! I don't know why but our little corner of Utah just doesn't like the cold haha

  8. Oh man it sucks! I just want it to be cool enough so I can wear boots and flannel but not so cold wear I have to break out my winter coat but it looks like it will just be warm all year!