So this one time I got my Stitch Fix box and forgot about it….oops! If you don’t know about Stitch Fix it’s amazing. Basically a company send you clothes (based on your preferences) and you get 3 days to try them on and return what you don’t want to keep. Unless your like me and completely forget about the 3 day time line and freak out on the 3rd day. Hence the awful photo shoot I’m about to present to you haha.
My husband wasn’t home from work yet, my little sister was also at work, and I could not find my tripod anywhere. It was also 5o’clock and cloudy so it was way too dark to take pictures outside (thanks a lot daylight savings). So I settled with delicately placing my camera on our recliner chair and pointing it at the cutest part of my house (and cleanest) for the photos. The lighting isn’t the best and I got really cheesy so bare with me people.
Kensie stretch crepe blazer – Returned
This blazer was cute with the polka dot details and the fit was great but I already have two black blazers almost exactly like it so I passed.

Fate Maxi Dress: Kept
This dress is to die for! I could not wait to try it on. Yes it is very spring/summery but it was light, flowy, long, and perfect so I had to keep it. Summer come quicker!!

RD Style zipper detail cowl neck sweater: Returned
This sweater was a beautiful color but I was disappointed. The fit was fine but I didn’t love the zipper detail and not only did it look like it was inside out but there was a big seem down the front and I really don’t like that type of style.

Kut from the Kloth straight leg corduroy pants: Returned
I was excited to try these on because they were corduroy and I liked the edgy style with the zippers. Unfortunately the fit was terrible. They were too short for my liking, too big in the back side (small butt problems), and I am not a huge fan of straight leg so I passed on these.

Octavia reversible plaid scarf: Returned
This scarf was so perfectly fall I loved it! But it is a blanket scarf and I hate those! My box came with a chart of different ways to style the scarf and I epically failed them all. I would much rather use it as a shawl or blanket haha. Because I honestly would never use it I sadly sent it back.

Overall I was pretty happy with my box! It was my first one since I switched from DailyLook and after one box I think I will stick with StichFix for a while. However, after reading the Trendsetter review on Life with Rosie’s blog I am very tempted to try them out.

What is your favorite subscription box? What would you have kept from my StitchFix box?

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  1. Those poor unfortunate corduroy pantsโ€”I think the only way they'd work on anyone is with custom tailoring. Because I wanted to love them, I really did, because the detailing was so unusual and a bit retro 1060s. But I could not love the fit/cut.

    I would totally bypass the maxi dress if it was just there in the store, hanging on a rack. I'd have discounted the pattern on the fabric as being “grandma's sofa.” On you it is spectacular. Cute strappy sandals and there you go!

  2. I tried and was overall unimpressed with DailyLook's box. I have never tried any others but so glad you kept that maxi dress – it's stunning on you! So different! I also would have totally kept that plaid blanket scarf. I think you look awesome in it and would be great for traveling (doubles as a blanket, haha). ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Your comment seriously made me laugh out loud haha THOSE POOR PANTS! So much potential. I think my husband would totally agree with you on the “grandma's sofa” comment because he didn't love the pattern either. But I like it! PS I'm still laughing right now haha

  4. I was too! I got 4 boxes and liked some of the things they sent me but it was so expensive or just too out of my comfort zone. StitchFix was way more closer to my style and is more affordable.

    Also, where were you when I was debating on the blanket scarf? Taking it traveling is so genius! I could have justified buying it if I had thought of that. Dang it. Maybe next time haha

  5. I actually adore that scarf and dress. I can't wait for my latest fix to come Thursday. I know what you mean about awkward photos. In the summer I can do them outside, but snow will fly here soon, so my post photos will be taken in my poorly lit house probably by my 7 year old. Happy fixes.

    Kovescence of the Mind

  6. Okay, your photo shoot is adorable. Way to make it work. I LOVE the dress they sent you; that is definitely a winner. I loved the reversible scarf but can see that it was a little too large for comfort. Thanks for the link love; I can't wait to see how your trendsend box turns out!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie