I know I have been a little MIA the last couple of weeks so I thought I would give a reader’s digest version for everyone on what’s been going on. I will probably break down some of the events into more in depth posts later but for now let’s just reconnect!
The good news
A few weeks ago I announced that I am officially a contributor for Trend Magazine’s blog and it has been great! Everyone is so amazing and talented and I am really looking forward to becoming part of such a great team. Since I started writing the “man” was really impressed with my submissions and asked if I would want to be a writer for their actual magazine! I was completely caught off guard because I was so nervous about each of my posts and felt they weren’t my best but I guess I did okay! I am waiting to hear more about the position and will go from there but it is pretty exciting just to be considered.
Dakota and I also attended a wedding for our friends Jayson and Ashley and that was beautiful! We were both in the bridal party and had a great time being surrounded by friends and celebrating a new chapter for them. Plus their wedding was at the same venue we had ours at so it was a fun trip down memory lane 🙂
The bad news
The last two weeks have been very emotional. One of my best friends mom passed away, another one of my good friends family member lost their baby, my grandpa passed away, and my husband had a grand mal seizure. Some of this was sudden and some was expected but none of it was easy. I will be forever grateful for my family, faith, and beliefs that help me get through such difficult times.
I’m sorry what?! – Dakota is fine and I am fine. I got a call Thursday afternoon from our friend that he had a big seizure at work and was being taken to the hospital. All of his tests came back normal and we were cleared to go home without too many instructions so that was comforting. I’ll do a more in depth post about it later but just know we are healthy and doing fine. Also, Dakota got another round of shots for his back/leg pain and we still haven’t seen much improvement but our next step is diligent physical therapy. Has anyone had success with it?
In my spare time
It has been slow at work so I have been able to catch up on some reading and started listening to some Podcasts! Has anyone listened to Serial?! It’s blowing my mind! I got my first StitchFix box and loved it! I also read some amazing articles this week too that motivated me to get my butt in gear and write my own and they also helped fill in my work day so thank you fellow bloggers!
We mostly spent our down time with our friends while they were coping or at home relaxing after our hospital visits; so huge shout out to HGTV and all of there amazing shows for keeping us distracted and sane. Also the Peony Project page, big thank you! That community is so strong and supportive I am glad to be a part of it; especially during these times.
You need to check this out
>> Shanndelier | Her book reviews are amazing and I always pick up a book she reads and have yet to be disappointed.
>> The Daily Tay | She wrote a PERFECT post about the “red cup” issue and it is so hilarious and spot on. Plus her writing style is so perfect; it’s like you are actually hearing all of her thoughts
>> My So Called Chaos | Her new web design is so clean and pretty!
>> Paige Avenue | This little boutique has the cutest clothes! Plus the lady who started it is amazing.
>> Life with Rosie | She compared her StitchFix box to her Trendsend box and I am seriously considering switching to Trendsend!
Please send me your favorite Podcasts or Audio-books! I have had a lot of downtime lately and really need some suggestions 🙂

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  1. I'm sorry that you've had a rough couple of weeks, Chandler! Hopefully things should settle down for you now. You look amazing in that photo, and your hair is such pretty colours! Thank you for sharing The Daily Tay's red up post. I laughed so so hard and then shared it with all my housemates. You're right, her writing style makes her voice so clear haha. Have a great week 🙂

  2. I'm so glad that your husband is okay! That had to be a terrifying experience for both of you. On a happier note, I'm really happy for you for locking down that contributor position. Congrats!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the rough patch. That is definitely a lot in a short time. But best of luck to you moving forward, especially with the new writing ventures!

  4. I hope your husband is okay. I don't know if he has a history with epilepsy but I certainly hope it's just a one off. We've had two friends with epilepsy: one with grand mal nocturnal and the other with petit mal. Tragically, the friend with petit mal fell into a pool while having a seizure, alone at home, a few years back. Best wishes and I hope he gets better or feels 100% again soak .


  5. I'm just creeping back on some of your posts, don't mind me. So sorry to hear about your husband's seizure 🙁 A previous boyfriend of mine was epileptic and I witnessed four of his grand mal seizures while we were dating…it's certainly A LOT to take in, and it's so hard to watch. I sincerely hope you both are doing well – and while you don't know me at all – if you ever need someone to talk to, I am here for you in the blogosphere 🙂

  6. Haha creep away! Thanks for being so friendly and supportive 🙂 I have been lucky to not actually witness one of his seizures yet but I have been mentally preparing myself ever since.