Four years ago today we went on our first date. Kinda…The conversation went a lot like this (brought to you by Timehop)
Facebook status: Well…not the best weekend…
Gage: Cheer up!
Me: You can’t make me!
Dakota: I bet I could! I should have invited you to hike Zion with us.
Me: Yes you should have!! You’re just too cool for me Dakota 🙁
Dakota: Definitely not the case Chandler. I thought about you the other day matter of fact…Should have made things happen. Just like how I come visit you all the time??
Me: You seriously should have! You don’t like…ever! I cry about it all the time. You should probably fix that because this is starting to have some serious psychological effects on me.
Dakota: Agreed. Wanna chill with me and Greg Winger tonight?
Me: Yeah I’d love to!
Dakota: PERFECTO!!! Wanna give me your number so we can call ya? Text it to me (enter #)

Let’s break this down.

-Clearly I was attention seeking by my Facebook status (I had just broken up with my boyfriend. I call him the Too Fast) and I was looking for a fun distraction!
-We were so cute and flirty! It’s adorable to look back and read the actual conversation we had. Thank you Timehop!!
-Dakota totally was thinking about me before this conversation so that’s adorable.
-I pulled out all the stops to guilt trip him into hanging out with me. Thankfully it worked!
After he gave me his number I excitedly text him and he invited me to go bowling with him and some friends. It wasn’t an official “date” (in fact a different guy paid for me!) but I was still excited to spend time with the awesome guy I always thought was cute. So of course I changed my outfit three times before he picked me up. He came to my door with our friend Kipp (slightly disappointing but whatevs) and we went to the bowling alley.
Let me just tell you all I suck at bowling. Like I hate bowling. Plus it always really hurts my arm and back shoulder! But I was willing to sacrifice my dignity just this once. We had a lot of fun and were all cute and flirty the whole time and of course I was looking for every opportunity to not have the night end after bowling. Somehow we got on the topic of Easy A and Dakota said he had never seen it. Of course I over dramatically freaked out and demanded we watch it (so sly I know) and he accepted. But then there is the whole issue of his friend Kipp was also with us….Thankfully Kipp is a total stud and saw our obvious chemistry and went home early with someone else. And then there were two 🙂
Once at my house I busted out some sparkling cider and plastic margarita glasses (classy, I know) and proceeded to quote every. single. line. in the movie. Thankfully Dakota saw past my awkward and annoying qualities and still sat through the movie with me. Eventually I did shut up (well a little) and I decided to bust up my amazing pick up lines to make the first move. I went with the classic “making breakfast” line for him. It goes a little like this:
Me: Hey wanna make breakfast?
Him: Sure?
Me: Okay stick out your hand and make it flat like a pan.
Him: (lays out hand) Okay…
Me: Now I’ll crack the egg! (cracks a fake egg on the side of his hand and spread my fingers outward so they end up interlocking with his) **then awkwardly sit there until they laugh**
Him: HAHAHA that was smooth!
I know. I’m an idiot. But even after allll that goodness he still called me the next day 🙂 And we’ve been together every since.

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Do you have any embarrassing first date stories?

0 thoughts on “How I embarrassed myself on our first date…”

  1. Aww that's cute! I definitely embarassed myself on my first date with Dave. I was SO nervous, and I swear when I'm nervous. So I was swearing like a sailor all night, but we were at a nice restaurant. So he was super uncomfortable because everyone at the neighboring tables could here me. Haha!

  2. This is so adorable 🙂 My first date with my husband is hilarious because we were 15 and went to see a movie together. But since neither of us could drive besides on a permit, he drove me with his mom and sister in the back seat haha

  3. Wow…I've never heard of the “breakfast” pick up line thing but that sounds reeeeally awkward, haha! Thanks for the giggle this morning. I don't think I was ever awkward around my husband, “clueless” that he was interested in me, yes, because we were friends for nearly 2 years before we started going out.

  4. Hahahaha, this is amazing. I'm living for your breakfast pick up line. My first date with Colby was the most awkward thing ever too… I'm usually not much of a talker but I talked the WHOLE date about the weirdest things, like the movie IT and also I told the entire story of the worst date I had ever been on. Glad boys can see through those first date nerves, haha!

  5. Oh my word! You two were totally adorable!!! (In a ridiculous way!) 😉 These are exactly the sorts of conversations/actions that happened between Nate and I when we were first hanging out and first dating. 😉