I have so many talented friends it blows my mind sometimes. And then they just keep getting more and more talented! I’ve been thinking a lot of all of these amazing people lately so I thought I would introduce you all to them and their many talents!
Schoney Media House | Photographer
Kyle Schoney is the man who introduced me to Dakota but his talent doesn’t stop there! He also is an amazing photographer in Utah. He primarily does weddings but he could easily do any style. Check out his work here and come back in a couple weeks for a giveaway we are doing together!
The Modern Macrame | Shop and Art
My friend Tayli is one of the most talented people I know. She is a momma of three, an amazing artist, crafter, photographer, and blogger! She makes the cutest plant holders and paintings that I just had to share her with you; especially with the holidays coming up! Be sure to check out her shop here and her blog here.
Paige Avenue | Clothing store
Paige is hands down the cutest lady I know! She has such an amazing spirit about her you can’t help but feel good about yourself after. I have been dying for her shop to open and it finally has launched! I just bought way too much stuff from her shop but how can I not? Plus she has a blog and gives great advice and tips! Check out her shop/website here. She is also doing a great giveaway right now so check out here Instagram at paigeavenueshop!
Jade with Love | Children’s shop
I have known Annie since high school and not only is she an amazing basketball player but she also has the cutest little shop! Her store makes me want to have a little baby so that I can throw them cute parties but for now I will settle for her banners. Check out her shop here and Instagram here! I’ll be doing a giveaway with her as well so make sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss it!
Rags by Brittany | Handmade Dolls
Brittany is one of my newest friends but she is just as talented as the rest of them! She hand makes the cutest dolls and just recently decided to share them with the rest of the world by opening her own shop. These dolls are very unique and have a more traditional look to them which I find refreshing. Check out her shop here and Instagram here.
Land Over Yonder | Shop and Foundation
Gage Miller and I met in college when we were both in student government and I was blown away by his many talents. With his skills and giving personality he started his own company to help benefit people in need. Their products and campaigns go to helping children around the world get an education. You can read more about their mission here and here and check out their shop here!
Aren’t my friends amazing?? They amaze me every day with their talents and service. Be sure to check out their shops and Instagrams for everyday updates and deals. ALSO for all my amazing blogger friends I am offering 20% off all my sponsor packages with the code GRATEFUL from now until Friday!
Which friend would you like to know more about? Do you have any talented friends? Tell me about them below!

0 thoughts on “Talent RoundUp”

  1. Isn't so wonderful to get to brag on your friends? I love it!
    I have a friend who creates wonderful paintings, a friend who makes beautiful paintings, and a friend who makes super cool cakes! Yay for amazing friends!

  2. You have the coolest, most talented friends! But I think they also have a great friend in YOU – you are a wonderful blogger and it was very cool of you to spread the love and post about them.