Guys. I’m sorry I have been so MIA. My life hasn’t even really been that busy I just have been distracted and unmotivated! Not only that but I had a minor meltdown the other day…But more on that later! Just know that my updates will now be called the Larsen Log. It is just simpler and cleaner so I’m going with it! That’s all the blog changes for now 😉

So what’s new?
I have officially started my new position at work and it has been so great! I’m learning quickly and getting more comfortable and I love the people I work with so I’m very grateful that I got this new job. Dakota’s back is still just as painful and nothing is working so we are trying to figure out the next step. He has a follow up with his pain specialist in a week so hopefully we can have a better game plan.

I also am excited to announce that I am officially a contributor for Trend Magazine! A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned that I had an interview with them and since then I have accepted a position and will be writing weekly for their blog. I am really excited and can’t wait to see where it goes. If you haven’t heard of Trend Magazine check out their website, blog, and Instagram.

The fun stuff
Last week was my birthday and it was great! My husband planned a party for me and bought me 5 lbs of gummy sharks so I was on cloud 9. My little sister also took me to see Beauty and the Beast at our local outside amphitheater and that was amazing! The shows there are always spectacular and well done.

I also did a birthday giveaway with Indigo & Sage which was a blast! I was blown away by how many people participated and sent me birthday love 🙂 Congrats to Ali J who won a package of all my favorite things!

I got to catch up with an old friend this last week as well which is always great to reconnect and catch up. I love those friendships that are so genuine! Where you can not see each other for a year and pick up right where you left off.

What I loved
Even though I have been MIA doesn’t mean that I haven’t been keeping up with my favorite blogs or finding great new shops! Check out these amazing posts and people:
>>Indigo & Sage | A super cute clothing store by three sisters passionate about fashion!
>>Auburn Pride | A delicious homemade chicken Alfredo recipe that I can’t wait to try!
>>Olive & Ivy | Tips on how to get rid of winter dry skin
>>My So Called Chaos | How to make buying a home less stressful (enter happy dance)
>>Sobremesa Stories | Her advice on how to make an introvert/extrovert relationship work

Don’t forget
October is National Bullying prevention month so step up if you see any bullying going on and spread the love to those around you! I also have quite a few sponsor spots available right now and I would love to work with you so check out my advertise page 🙂

Also, never forget that you guys are all so great and thanks for being my cyber friends!