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After reading this post from Life with Rosie I had to try out Trendsend for myself. I had a subscription with DailyLook but didn’t love the few boxes I got so I switched to StichFix and have been a lot happier. But when I heard that Trendsend is currently free I had to check it out for myself! So let’s see what I got:
Outfit One: Returned
Kut from the Kloth Skinny Jeans: $89 | BB Dakota Front Jacket: $39 | Free People Henley: $29

I loved this jacket the second I saw it! I’m a sucker for black and blazers and I loved the sweater knit sleeves. The cut was also something different and I loved it but sadly it drove me crazy. The front flaps would not stay down and even though I loved it I knew that I wouldn’t wear it if it never laid correctly (I know I’m a princess).
The shirt was soft and if you follow my Instagram you know I love stripes but this was, what I like to call, a mullet shirt. You know the shirts that are normal in the front and then ridiculously long in the back? Yeah a MULLET shirt. I hate them. Also it was a little too see through for my taste and the fabric was really thin so I would be afraid of it not lasting long.
I was a little hesitant about the pants because I am not one for green but I surprisingly loved this color! Sadly the were way too short (#longlegproblems) and a little big in the back (#nobuttproblems) and I didn’t love all the weird seem lines. But I will definitely be looking for some olive pants to add to my collection.

Outfit Two: Returned
Peyton Jensen Tee: $48 | Sanctuary Track pant: $89 | Harriet Isles Pearl necklace: $38

I’ll be honest, I did not love these pants. My stylist did a good job picking them out but I felt so tiny in them. They were baggy and leaves were clinging to me because of all the static! I took like a million pictures in this outfit and this was the only one where I didn’t look like I was drowning so you only get one photo ha sorry!

This shirt was another mullet shirt so that was already a turn off but it also was such a weird cut on me. The sleeves weren’t long enough to be long sleeved but they also weren’t short enough to be quarter sleeved and it was really wide. My love for stripes just wasn’t enough.

The necklace was fun! It is bold enough to make a statement but simple enough to not be overwhelming which is just what I need. I already have a necklace just like it though so I wasn’t going to spend almost $40 on something I already have.

Overall thoughts
I loved my first box! Even though I didn’t buy anything I think my stylist was spot on with my style. A little tweaking and I’ll be buying everything in my boxes. I also really like that my stylist send me different ways to style the outfits with pictures! No other subscription box has given that to me and I thought that was so nice of them to take a little extra time to do. The prices are cheaper that DailyLook and StitchFix and there is no styling fee! I have a feeling i’ll be keeping this subscription for a while.

12/14/15 Update: As of December 14, 2015 Trendsend will charge a $20 styling fee. If you choose to purchase something from your box this credit will go towards your total.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I keep debating about subscription boxes like that. And I love the blazer, but I can totally see hating the flaps if they don't stay down!

  2. I'm so glad you had a positive experience with Trendsend, even though you didn't keep anything. I'm super bummed that they just decided to start charging a styling fee like Stitch Fix, but I'll keep using them over Stitch Fix since their clothes are priced more affordably and I like what they send me!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  3. Yes it was such a hassle! If I didn't move they stayed but even if I turned my body or legs a little bit they were like “LOOK AT ME!” haha so it was cute and warm but not worth the hassle.

  4. Oh me too! I was so sad when I got the email but I would still pay $20 since they did such a good job with my first box. I might keep StitchFix too for a little bit just to see how they compare over time but we will see.