Do you follow me on Instagram and ever wonder how I get such great Instagram shots? Sure good lighting and cameras are a part of it but it’s what happens behind the scenes that no one really knows about. But don’t worry I’m totally okay with embarrassing myself for your benefit! You can see more behind the scenes here as well 🙂 

Look at me! I’m traveling the world and having a fabulous life everyone be jealous!

More like “Babe what an awesome wall I have to take a picture!” “But I’m tired and its raining and cold. Let’s do it tomorrow.” “No we are doing it now, real quick! Wait what should I do with my hands? Can you see the words? Am I center with the wall? Oh my gosh there are people looking! Don’t take my picture.”

My husband is so patient haha

Such a bright crisp photo with an amazing hair style right?

More like me and my cousin walking around her entire house (and neighborhood) looking for the best lighting to work with. We finally settled on a wall in her house after about 5 different locations and 30 photos and then struggled with how to pose. You would think posing the back of your fabulous head would be easy!

Such a blurry photo of me and my best friend having an amazing Halloween. We are so fun, I know.
If you look closely you can tell that this onsie is clearly too small for me; hence the white stockings (not the best idea either). This was my attempt at being a tall giraffe. I think my arms are supposed to be my other legs…Also, we have way cuter photos than this but you just can’t pass this up!

Oh hey I’m fabulous and just casually getting ready to the day. And those lashes though!

I was actually getting ready for the day (at noon) and was on my way to my friends house to get my hair done but had to swing by Target first and didn’t want to look like a total hobo (because this wasn’t Walmart) so I put my hair up in a top knot. 15 tries later I finally got this one and was so happy with how perfect it looked I had to take 25 selfies. And since the lighting was terrible I put it in black and white.

Oh yes I’m loving life in my red sweater, ankle boots, and cute bag.

What really happened was yes, I did get a new sweater and felt like I was having a great hair day so I bribed my little sister to take blogger photos of me. But where should we go? How about that empty parking lot behind Texas Roadhouse? Perfect. “Chandler stop being so awkward so I can take your photo and leave.” “But I need a good one for Instagram and I just don’t know what to do with myself! Hurry make me laugh!” Blank stares….it worked!

What happens behind the scenes of your Instagram?

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23 thoughts on “Instagram Unplugged// Vol 2”

  1. Hahaha. You're too cute! I haven't done as much with Insta as I probably should. I don't have the patience to walk around looking for photos, and I'm either at home or at work anyway. Ugh. #firstworldproblems

  2. Too cute! I tend to take images of Chicago instead of trying to be in my own. So much easier to get a building to look nice than it would be for me to haha

  3. OMG this is so funny! It's so true how insanely choreographed blogger pics end up being. On the weekends when running errands with my husband, my eyes are peeled for awesome backgrounds for blogger photos. He's always asking, “What are you thinking about, sweetie?” …oh just looking for the brightest white building or white washed fence for some photos… weirdo.

  4. Oh my gosh, this is my favorite post!! I'm trying to work on making my Instagram “better” (whatever that means), and I often use you as inspiration. It's so refreshing to hear that YOU, one of my blogging idols, who is so pretty, perfect, and put together has the same behind the scenes type of moments as I do.

  5. I totally understand! It has been even more difficult with the time change because it gets dark right when I get off work so getting good photos is hard. So I've just been doing little photo shoots with outfit changes on the weekend or I change my outfit to every different event we go to…#bloggerconfessions

  6. This is so accurate! Haha I am always thinking “Oh that would be a great backdrop!” Or going scouting for new places to shoot in my tiny town haha glad i'm not the only one!

  7. Oh my goodness Lindsay you are sooo nice!! I can tell you endless stories of how awkward and weird I am haha maybe you should follow me on Snapchat (chandlerlarsen) to see the “real” me haha Or maybe I should just keep the illusion alive? Your choice I guess! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and my Insta feed 🙂

  8. YES! Haha I want to ask big time bloggers how they can stand in the middle of a park/street/restaurant and take fabulous photos because I have to take at least 10 to get one good one so I can't imagine how they do it!

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