Christmas is my favorite season of all time! There is something special about this time of year that just brings out the best in everyone. I love the colors, the smells, the fashion, the traditions, the spirit, everything! If only December was two months longer…
So to make sure that we get as much festivities in as possible Dakota and I decided to make a list of everything we wanted to do this holiday season. We don’t have very many traditions so we want to start making our own and just create fun memories with each other and our friends. And if you know me, you know I love making a good list so there is no down side to this!

Holiday Activity List
-Get hot cocoa and look at Christmas lights around town
-Watch Christmas movies (Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, It’s a Beautiful Life, etc.)
-Make gingerbread houses with the family
-Make toffee (successfully)
-Make moms famous white chocolate popcorn
-Attend a Christmas party
-Buy ugly sweaters
-Visit Temple Square and Kearns city lights
-Have a bonfire with friends
-Go sledding and/or snow shoeing
-Take super cute pictures in the snow
I think it’s a pretty reasonable list so hopefully we can check off most (or all) of them by the end of the year!
What’s your favorite holiday activity?

0 thoughts on “Christmas To Do List”

  1. We knocked out a few of those already! Our boys had a BLAST with making gingerbread houses (we just won't be eating the 2 year olds, there may or may not be unwanted saliva on it). Great list! One of our favorite Christmas activities include decorating the tree together, which was quite adventurous with 5 & 2 year old man cubs, and a baby bear on my hip!

  2. Mmmm hot cocoa is my favorite! I'll add sleeping in, eating cinnamon rolls and drinking coffee, and dreaming about our future little one's nursery to my list. Love all these ideas! 🙂

  3. I'm so bummed your toffee didn't turn out (I saw on Snapchat) but I have faith you'll make some successfully! My goal this year is to make a yule log cake.. I've heard it's super hard so I'm nervous!

  4. My favourite holiday activity is my family Christmas carol sing (4 generations, singing, badly… but happily!). My family has been doing it for about 50 years, it's quite the party!

  5. I'm so glad to hear they loved making their own little house! I always have a blast with my family making gingerbread houses and can't wait to do it with my future kiddos.

  6. I was SO sad! I messaged Corey to ask him how he makes his toffee (because you may remember its heavenly) but he is in Mexico so I have to wait 🙁 But good luck with the yule log cake that seems difficult but worth the effort!

  7. Great list, though I kind of hope I can't do the snow ones. 😉 The high today is almost 70 so not happening this week for sure. ha

  8. Um. I think I need that popcorn recipe! Our only real tradition is watching certain Christmas movies each year. My husband's family always watches Star Wars on Xmas day. We did that last year since we weren't staying with family.