Wedding photos

I sure got lucky in the husband department with this one. Dakota is the perfect husband for me in so many ways. He is patient, spontaneous, creative, funny, understanding, supportive, and so much more. Some of my favorite memories with him include:

-Listening to him sing/rap to any song on the radio
-Getting ready for the day and I turn around to see him wrapped up in a blanket “worm crawling” over to me to try and scare me
-Putting gummy worms in his nose on our way to Dodger stadium
-Shoveling the church building in Pine Valley so no one slips on their way to church the next day
-Seeing little notes written out of qtips in the morning
-When he finally told me he loved me after weeks of teasing me
-Road tripping from North Dakota back to Utah
-Almost getting robbed my the Mexican military
-Catching salmon and zip-lining in Alaska
-Taking care of chickens and geese so we can have cheap rent
-Late night talks that never seem to end
-And every thing else in between…

I love you so much babe and hope you have the best birthday ever!

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