You know that one friend that lives far away and you only talk once a month but when you do it’s like nothing ever changed? That friend that just totally gets you and you can be yourself without being judged? That friend to me is Nicholas Darrell Rhodes. That’s Dah-rel not Dare-l and it is his BIRTHDAY today!
Nick and I have only been friends since 2010 but we quickly became friends for life. We have way to many inside jokes, have witnessed many embarrassing moments, and have been through a lot of trials together. And then he left me for some big fancy job at a University in Massachusetts #rude. But it’s okay I still like him. So like all my other birthday posts let’s take a look back at our Facebook friendship and read all the funny conversations.
April 5, 2011: Nick I hate to break it to you but your plan to kill me and take over my position didn’t work. Try again.
>> He bought me lunch and it made me super sick apparently
May 13, 2011: Nick do you remember me?!?! (said with so much enthusiasm) Nooooooo?! (said with the same amount of questionable enthusiasm)
>>We were walking on campus and some chick ran up to him and was so excited and asked him if she remembered him and he excitedly said No and it was hilarious
May 17, 2011: We went mini golfing and I forced him to take a picture like Michael Jackson #nailedit
May 26, 2011: Nick launch me into the freakin sun!
>> I can’t even tell you how funny this is. Maybe I’ll convince Nick to tell you the story so I can post it
November 17, 2011: Have you finished your lit review yet?! I want to watch Easy A!
>> Easy A was the movie that bonded us and apparently we could only watch it after our homework was done
November 18, 2011: Nick took me on a group date and we were supposed to make boats our of balloons, a rubber band, and a water bottle and see who’s was the fastest. Clearly we failed.
December 7, 2011: We had a student government Christmas party and this picture was when everyone explained their ugly sweater outfit. He got all weird and shy while explaining and it was adorable and hilarious. And no he didn’t win.
December 17, 2011: Ninaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> We call each other Nina. I don’t remember why but it’s awesome
December 17, 2012: Hey there “best friend”! So I tried to call you and you ignored me. How am I supposed to wish you the most splendid happy birthday if you don’t even answer my phone calls!! I refuse to tell you Happy Birthday on Facebook because we are so beyond that sort of relationship…Well on that note I hope your day is fabulous and I hope my guilt trip worked. P.S. I will be at work from 5 to 1am so if you try calling me I won’t answer. That my friend is called a natural consequence of not answering your phone when I call you.
>> Apparently I get really sassy and fabulous whenever I talk to Nick (or his voicemail/Facebook wall) Also shout out to the therapist in me for brining up natural consequences haha

Some other fun highlights include:
>> Screaming at a butterfly
>> Screaming at ladybugs
>> Brining me a Wendy’s frosty to my thinking spot when I was having a really bad day
>> Getting fired from Student Government together
>> Basically every single day with Raging Red
>> Random sticky notes on each others desks
>> Long talks about any and everything
>> “So it’s about all these monkeys”
>> Starbucks runs so we can catch up
>> Calling each other a million times in one day hoping that eventually we will actually talk to each other
>> “Models be like” snapchats
>> Our road trip up north singing Disney and Wicked the entire way
>> “I was gay once for a while”
>> Packing up your house for your big move 🙁
>> Telling your mom that I’m already married
>> Sending you sunshine in a box
>> And a million more!

I’m so grateful for great friends and wish you a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nick! Love ya!
P.S. Why do we not having any pictures together?

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