I finally did a tutorial on how I curl my hair! I am also answering a bunch of questions about my hair products and some tips below. I tried to answer as many as I could in the video but I posted every question below and step by step instructions in case you don’t want to see the video. If you have any more questions ask below and I’ll answer!

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Step by Step
1. Blow dry your hair completely
2. With a 1 inch curling iron grab a piece of hair and wrap it twice leaving about an inch to 2 inches out. This will create a loose curl look.
3. I leave a few straight pieces on the bottom since the hair is shorter and it curls weird so that way it all looks the same and you don’t have to try and curl the short pieces
4. On the top two layers vary your hair pieces in size (larger or smaller) to create dimension and a more natural look
5. Use a texturizer spray at your roots for added volume
Questions and Answers
What products do you use?
I mostly use the Kenra line but also have some Unite products (like their texturizer). Not only is it a great product but it also smells great! If you don’t have access to the Kenra line or if your hair stylist can’t get it for you I used the Treseme line for a long time and loved it.
Are you naturally blonde?
Yes! It’s naturally a dirty blonde but I just highlight it so it’s more white.
What do I use to get volume at the roots?
I use the Kenra texturizer spray. This stuff is amazing because it makes your hair “dirty” so it can hold curl and your teasing so much better!
How do you keep your hair ashy?
I use TGI purple shampoo and conditioner. Once a week I leave my shampoo in my hair for about an hour and then I’ll use their hair mask for another 30 minutes to really make the color last.
What size curling iron do you use?
A 1 inch curling iron and mine is John Frieda
Who does your hair?
Evan Stowers has been doing my hair for years! Check out his Instagram and make an appointment with him at 435-668-5382.

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