It’s been over a month since I last updated! Sorry….but that just means this will be a great post filled with lots of updates! I did do a brief one in my yearly recap post but let’s talk about the most recent happenings.
The good stuff
>> Dakota did have another seizure but has been seizure free ever since that last time due to new medication and getting good sleep at night
>> Dakota’s back/leg have also been feeling a lot better since starting physical therapy so hopefully if we just continue to do that he will be better in no time
>> We are going on a cruise February/March thanks to Dakota’s new job! At their Christmas party they announced they were taking all of their employees and their spouse (or plus one) on a cruise! We are so excited and grateful
>> We had a great time with family and friends during Christmas. We had lots of good food, presents, memories, and traditions!
>> We saw Star Wars and it was pretty good! Some things I liked and some things I disliked but overall great movie. I’m more excited to see Sisters though….
>> Work has been good for the both of us. Nothing crazy just steady work and good people
>> Lots of friends announced they were either pregnant or engaged, congrats!
>> I saw my long time friend Nick and it was great catching up with him
>> I started a YouTube channel! Check it out and subscribe 🙂
>> My friend Shay had her baby! Roman was 9lbs 3oz and he has a full head of hair and I just love him.

The bad stuff
>> We were planning on going to Jamaica next December but it looks like we might not be anymore. We have so many other trips planned and we want to buy a house so it may be out of the budget 🙁
>> My hair has been ridiculously static-y lately and it is so bad that I seriously contemplated cutting all of my hair off. I have tried everything to get rid of it; washed all my clothes, put oil in my hair, rubbed everything down with dryer sheets, you name it I’ve tried it. Please send help.
>> I also just discovered that naming my photos hasn’t been working. You know how you can add “properties” to your photos so that when something is pinned it already has a caption and all that stuff? Yeah mine apparently haven’t been saving and won’t stick at all. So you know my life’s over.

In my spare time
>> For my birthday and Christmas I got some new books and I am so excited to read them! Hopefully it won’t take me forever to finish them so I can write a review for you guys and we can discuss them (I’m talking to you Shannon!). My goal is to read at least one by the end of January. I know that seems really lame but for me that’s a big deal haha.
>> I have been thinking a lot about going to the gym lately…..but I really don’t want to……mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing and am so out of shape. So tips on going to the gym by yourself would be appreciated

Check this out
>> I started a new YouTube channel!
>> I officially write for the Trend Magazine instead of their blog and the first issue I’m published in comes out in a couple of days #fangirl
>> Shanndelier | Her Trader Joe’s reviews are seriously my favorite. I get so excited whenever I see that post pop up on Bloglovin’
>> The Daily Tay | Her version of Elf on the Shelf is hilarious I just love her
>> Coffee with Summer | I love Summer’s blog and Instagram so much! This post about the company Toms was really eye opening and I won the giveaway 🙂
>> Sobremesa Stories | This soon to be mom has one of the most influential blogs out there and this post about how she views Christmas differently was beautiful

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  1. I have so much to say about this!
    • So jealous Dakota's company is paying for a cruise! I've never been on one so why doesn't my work do that?!
    • So excited you got some books for Christmas! I can't wait to find out what they are and read your reviews.
    • I always go to the gym alone and can give you tons of ideas. But my main one to get you started is download the app Nike Training Club and start with some of the workouts on there!
    • Yay, thanks for sharing my post!

  2. I am excited too! I started reading one of the books already and I am determined to finish at least one a month so we will see how it goes. I would love ideas about going to the gym but I have no idea where to start but really want to do more than just the classes. I will check that app out right now though!