2015 has been such an amazing year for me! I started a new job, checked off many items from my bucket list, and completely revamped my blog. The last half of 2015 was when I really turned my blog around and started focusing on better content and design and so far my work is paying off. I’m still smoothing things out and working towards my goals but I am excited for what 2016 will bring!
To kick off the new year I wanted to share my top posts from 2015. They are all linked below with a little insert about each post so check them out and tell me which one was your favorite!

10. I am Dixie and nothing else

“Stop living in the past and start accepting the future. You don’t need to physically change something in order to get a fresh start.” I wrote this post when my University was in a huge debate about changing the name and mascot – again. Ironically they announced a couple week ago that they are changing the mascot again.

“My mom had a single lens reflex film camera when I was younger and it was off limits! So naturally I always wanted to play with it.” This was a sponsored post about my good friend Kyle. He is a very talented photographer who is growing his business in Utah. We also did a styled shoot and giveaway together which was so fun and got both of us great traffic!

This holiday season I had about 5 different parties I was attending all within a few days of each other and of course I volunteered to bring a treat to each one. Of course being me I thought bringing the same treat to each party was cheating and I wanted to knock the socks off of everyone so I came up with 5 easy and delicious treats for a stress free but delicious holiday season.
“You can’t strengthen your marriage by only doing fun things. That isn’t realistic. You will spend most of your time arguing about cleaning the dishes, running out of cereal, and not having enough time in the day so you need to work on those things just as much as having fun. ” I wrote this post when my husband was in North Dakota for six months. It was difficult but thankfully we built our relationship on trust and values to make it through.
I did a huge giveaway on my birthday with some of my favorite shops and it was a hit! I had so much fun working so many amazing people and gained a lot of great new followers from it.
Living in an online world with a “boy name” gets pretty annoying sometimes and I was having a hard time figuring out how to show that I am a girl when writing emails for work so I opened up about the struggles I’ve had over my life. There are some great stories and memories in this post; I had fun writing it!
” We spend so much time, energy, and effort on small things that in the long run truly have no effect on our lives or future lives.” I wrote this post when the whole “rep cup” issue came out. I was irritated and slightly ashamed of my generation so I threw my own little tantrum about it!
“Accepting doesn’t mean agreeing.” This is one of my favorite posts! I believe so strongly is accepting life as it comes at you because you can’t change what happens to you. You can only change how you react to it. This mentality has forever changed my life and I’m glad to share it with everyone.
I have no idea why this post did so well but it did! I guess people just really like seeing me be super awkward in my living room with cute clothes on.
This post was huge and I still get comments on it all of the time. I shared this post when I first revamped my blog and it continues to get me traffic 6 months later! Check it out and do the questions with your spouse or significant other, I promise you won’t be disappointed!