I have a hard time with the concept behind making a new year resolution. I have always believed that if you truly want to make a change you should just be able to start. I can understand the idea behind the new year is like a clean slate and a fresh start and it can be easier to track your progress but it shouldn’t matter. If you really want to work out more in August then start.

A new year resolution to me is more of a motto for the year. For example two years ago my resolution was to not form an opinion about food before actually trying it. I had this problem where, based on what I’ve heard about how something tasted, I would assume I didn’t like the food without actually trying it. So ridiculous I know. So I decided that for the entire year I would keep that motto in mind and hold myself accountable. It ended up being great and turns out I like a lot of foods I thought I hated! I’m not saying that making goals at the beginning of each year is a bad thing. If that works for you than great! But for me it doesn’t. Like most people I do reflect on the past year and decide what I liked and what I want to work on but instead of making goals I make a motto that certain goals can tier under.

This year my motto is “be more mindful”. This last year I have been pretty impulsive in a lot of different ways and I feel like if I slowed down and paid more attention to what I was actually doing then I may not have done some things. I want to be more aware of what I say, what I buy, what I write, who I spend my time with, etc. I also want to be more aware of the good things in my life. Like the way my husband smiles when I kiss him good morning or how much I love the sound of walking on lose gravel. Being more mindful will help me be more aware of my decisions and that is what I really want to improve on. I want to be realistic and patient and not jump to the worst conclusions.

I believe goals are made to improve our overall lifestyle which is why I would rather have a motto than a goal for the new year. I like the idea of having a general statement to keep in mind for all of my doings rather than fixating on every detail to achieve my goals. When I make goals or think about what I want to improve on I reflect on 4 different areas of my life; spiritual, physical, mental, and relational. When I make my goals for each category I want to keep my overall motto in mind.

Throughout the year I notice that I will either achieve a goal, change a goal, or want to make a new goal and it is important to recognize those changes. This is another reason why I like having a motto instead of a few goals. I want to be able to say I achieved certain goals but I also don’t want them to stop there. Once I complete a goal in a certain area of my life I want to make another one. We are continuously changing and growing based on our daily experiences so we need to be flexible with our goals. We need to remember that goals can be modified in order to be achieved without sacrificing the challenge of the goal.

So this year I am going to strive to be more mindful. I’ll take the time to reflect on my goals and daily doings, be patient when things aren’t going my way, and be more conscious of my actions and decisions. I’ll be aware of what goals I achieve and which ones I need to work on and I’ll look back at everything I am grateful for and the progress I have made.

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  1. I love your take on the New Year and resolutions. This year I took a whole new approach, I'm really looking forward to small growth over the next 12 months. What would you say you learned in 2015? Reflecting back always helps me plan for the future with a more mindful approach?

  2. Becoming more mindful is also a goal of mine for 2016! I definitely understand what you mean about being more mindful in all areas: how you spend your time (and with who), what you buy, write, etc. All of these are important to consider, and they can be overlooked! Great post on something we all should consider trying in 2016!

  3. I love the idea of taking time to slow down and be more present and mindful in all that we do. I also love all of the images at the bottom of your blog. So cute. Following along on Insta now too 🙂

  4. I would say that I learned a lot about my passions. I always knew that I loved to write and be active but I didn't really fully take on those passions until this last year. We did lots of travelling and hiking and exploring and I totally re-branded my blog and so far it has been amazing!

  5. Love this, Chandler – this is an awesome motto! I need to work on this too, I feel like I am always rushing through everything and trying to get things done but I really need to slow down!

  6. Me too! Especially since my schedule is so packed sometimes I get lost in why I am actually doing something rather than just checking it off my list. I want everything I do to be intentional.