The other day Dakota and I were on our way to our friends house and as we were walking out to our truck my husband yells “LOOK OUT FOR THAT LEAF!” I naturally freaked out and looked down to see if I avoided stepping on the nasty leaf and then realized that he said leaf. Not dog poop, or spider, or mud – leaf. I immediately busted out laughing realizing what had happened and quickly replied “Dang it I smooshed it.” Followed by over dramatic fake crying. After comforting me we laughed the entire way to our friends house and I couldn’t help but fall in love even more.
My husband has always been able to keep me on my toes. He is always coming up with clever/creative/goofy ways to show that he cares about me. It isn’t always “I love you” or “You’re beautiful” but being silly and flirty is validating his love just as much as actually saying it. Constant pranking, making bets, sending funny faces in snapchat are just a few ways he shows me that he is thinking about me and wants to keep me laughing and happy.
I often see articles about “how to flirt with your spouse” or “keeping the spark alive” and even though they are great posts I can’t help but feel like keeping the spark alive is just by paying attention. Everyone has a love language and depending on what it is that is how they show their love. I often don’t realize that every day actions are my husband showing that he loves me. These actions include texting me during a busy day at work, putting the toilet seat down, and telling me to drive safe whenever I leave the house.
If my husband didn’t genuinely care about me he wouldn’t do those things. It is easy to get caught up at work and just get in the zone and knock out all of your work. But it says a lot when your overwhelmed and stressed but take the time to say “Super busy day but I love you”. This tells me that he was thinking about me while being busy and that is amazing! Whenever I get overwhelmed all I want to do is talk to my husband and I love that! I love that I can confined in him and count on him to be my support system.
Silly ways we show our love
These may all seem like small mediocre things but to us they say a lot. Since stepping on that dreadfully scary leaf I have reminded myself of all the other ways we have expressed our love to each other over the last four years.
>>Writing notes/drawing pictures with qtips on the bathroom counter
>>Changing the words to songs to something cheesy and cute
>>Letting him be the “little spoon”
>>Coming to bed even if he isn’t tired and staying until I fall asleep
>>Saying goodbye to each other every morning whether we are awake or not
>>Checking to make sure the door is locked so we are safe
>>Sending ridiculous snapchats to each other
>>Doing hobbies/activities that we may not enjoy but our spouse does
>>Surprising each other with a drink from the gas station after work (or whenever)
>>Letting me take a million pictures of him all of the time
>>Making two dinners because you know the other one won’t like what you make
>>Pranking each other in the shower (pouring water over the side, flushing to toilet, etc.)
>>Dancing embarrassingly good in the car/bathroom/kitchen
>>Make bets on how much the grocery bill will be
>>Staying out of the bathroom so the other person has more room to finish getting ready
>>Putting our cold feet on each other
I could seriously come up with a million more silly ways we show our love! I’m so grateful for a fun husband who keeps that spark alive and flirts with me every day. My motto this year is to be more mindful in all aspects of my life; including our relationship. In just a few short weeks I have already been more aware of these expressions of love and feel like I am trying to show my love more since noticing them. I know that we are still young and haven’t been married long but knowing our love language and recognizing those acts of love now will just help us more in the future. And honestly with my husband, I don’t think there will ever be a dull moment!
What silly ways do you and your significant other show your love?

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  1. Aw, this is so sweet! My boyfriend and I like to go to different restaurants for every letter of the alphabet to make date nights a little more interesting! Sometimes one of us is more excited about one restaurant than the other, so we sort of sacrifice meal preferences every now and then 🙂

  2. Silliness is something my husband does very well. I'm fully in love with his creative mind that comes up with pranks that I would never think of–and I think you're right, simply paying attention to each other and having fun together is key. We've never used technology to stay in touch throughout the day, much, though. In the USA, he worked as a hospital nurse, so it wasn't appropriate for him to have his phone with him during a 12 hour shift, though he'd call me as soon as he clocked out to let me know he was on his way home. In China, we just had the one cell phone between us, and here, the phones work so that you have to pay for every individual call and text so we only do it out of necessity, haha!

  3. I love this. I think my husband and I are very similar to you guys. He is one of the goofiest guys on the planet and I could totally see him saying “lookout for that leaf!” haha

  4. This is so awesome!! I think silliness is probably its own love language. 😉 This is so good though because it took me a while to realize that my husband just plain is not the “romantic” kind of guy. And I put that in quotes, because while he may not be romantic in some ways, he is terribly romantic in other ways. But it took me a while to be able to read his love. And some of the ways he shows his love is in silly things like this. 😉 Some of my favorite memories now though are some of these silly moments where we just have fun together and fall in love all over again!!

  5. This is so sweet. We have been together for over a decade, starting when we only 18 years old. Lots of our “i love you's” is reminiscing about the past together.

  6. Love it! I think that not texting each other all day everyday is so important! It gives couples something to talk about later and it's realistic. People are becoming more and more codependent which could potentially be unhealthy for the relationship. Good for you guys that is not easy!

  7. It really should be! Kind of like “yellow” personality types 🙂 You make a great point that being “romantic” isn't always the Hollywood version that has been brainwashed into everyone.

  8. YES to pranking in the shower! Haha I need to do that more often. Throwing cold water over the side has got to be one of the best pranks hahaha. I love this post so much!

  9. It is fun! 4 years and we haven't changed and my husband always tells me he will get more cheesy and cute when we have kids (mostly to embarrass them) so I don't think we will ever have a dull moment!

  10. LOVE this!! We have this journal where we write down little memories from different times in our relationship. It's easy to forget those little moments the further along you go in your relationship, so it's really fun to document. But I realized I'm the only one writing in it, even though we agreed to do it together. The other night I brought that up and told him I wished he wrote in it more and he said, “But that's not how I show love. Don't you feel loved when I give you backrubs without asking? Or when I clean the kitchen before you get to it? Or how I spend time with you over anyone else?” …. and it really put me in my place! HA! We are always so silly together (like reading your list, I was nodding along with every single one!) and I realized he loves me through words and action, not through writing and that is okay… it's awesome, even! Sharing this post soon! 🙂

  11. This is so fun and I love this idea! There is so much about how hard marriage is out there or how perfect it is, but it is rare to see something fun and light and honest and vulnerable. Thanks for writing this! I need to think of my own list now! 🙂

  12. This is great. I like that you included putting the toilet seat down, because that's an act of love in our home also. 🙂

    Other things include: lighting a candle or two for dinner or movie-watching, making the activity a little more romantic and sweet; putting short notes in each others' bags when the one of us is going out of town for work; holding hands while we're riding around town; and poking me/teasing me to get me out an overwhelmed or bummed mood. He's great at that.