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I found Trend on Instagram and immediately loved their style and positive energy and pre-ordered their January digital edition (get it for free here!). Similar to Darling and Be Wise magazine Trend is all about uplifting and inspiring. The Trend team is made up of 22 talented people from all over! Canada, Utah, California, east coast, west coast, we have it all. Our diverse team brings character and culture to our articles and we keep every reader in mind.
A few months ago I started writing blog posts for Trend Magazine’s blog. In a few short month I went from writing one blog post to writing three articles for the actual magazine! It has been an incredible opportunity and experience for me and I love being part of this Trendsetter team. Everyone involved is so uplifting, supportive, and creative; and we all have the same goals in mind – to empower women and inspire a fearless lifestyle. Targeted at young women, this magazine/blog writes about encouragement, college, fashion, news, influential people, and so much more.

Photo by Trend Magazine
Each issue has a theme and every article is influenced by the theme. The February issues is all about chasing adventures; so every article and photo you see featured will be tied into this theme. My articles for this issue are news related so I chose three YouTubers who either had a travel inspired channel or did something travel related to write about. My favorite is about the JacksGap team traveling to Greenland to study climate control! I especially loved this article because it isn’t your typical “adventure” article. When you think of adventures you typically think of waterfalls, hiking mountains, or exploring the ocean. But this article is about how they traveled to Greenland to research something they are interested in; which to me chasing your dreams is an adventure.
Trend currently has four options for purchasing their magazine. Single editions, digital subscription, print subscription, and +digital edition. I personally prefer the +digital edition for a few reasons:
>>You get the 10 prints and 10 digital editions for the same price
>>There is something special about getting mail and having magazines in my office/living room
>>I love to convenience of having access to the digital editions while I’m traveling or am at work
Trend’s magazine is beautifully designed and has so many great tips and articles from well known bloggers and YouTubers and anyone who submits an article! They even have a Facebook community specifically for their reader to get daily inspiration and market their own blog/YouTube channel. Trend truly goes above and beyond with their marketing and planning and genuinely wants to uplift their readers.
I only promote people and businesses I strongly believe in (you probably already know this if you follow on Twitter or Instagram) but Trend is currently running a challenge to all magazine/blog contributors so I am even more excited to promote them! If I get people to sign up for a subscription under this link then I could win one of two amazing prizes! Prizes only go to the top two contributors and I would love you forever if you checked them out and signed up.
If you’re hesitant you can get their digital January edition for free right now! So check it out and when you fall in love come back here and sign up for a subscription 🙂 And if magazines aren’t your thing but you love pretty pictures and daily motivation follow them on Instagram.
Do you have a favorite magazine you love? Tell me below!

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  1. My favorite magazine is Good Housekeeping. I started getting free subscriptions through Recycle Bank about three years ago and I love reading it every month!

  2. Right? You would probably love Trend than 🙂 I agree with what you said about JacksGap too; it's amazing how these young people with a youtube channel are making a difference and profit!

  3. What an amazing opportunity! I used to be a devoted magazine reader but once I got into reading blogs I slowly stepped away from print. The recent trend of smaller more independent magazines is starting to change my mind!