Don’t mind me. I’m just at brunch in a cute outfit, in an artsty cafe, being candid, deep in thought about something clearly interesting. Basically the most blogger photo you could get.

>>To get this shot I made both my sisters move tables, chairs, and salt/pepper shakers at least 4 times to get the set up just right. Then I tried different angles, poses, and seat positions. I wasn’t even completely satisfied with the photos but my sisters quit on me so I’ll take what I can get. But there is actually hot cocoa in that cup so at least that’s not staged!
Ahh. Look at me wrapping Christmas presents on my perfectly white table in my well lit house. You can almost hear the Christmas music and smell the cookies baking.

>>So staged. When have you ever seen bows outside of that bag they come in or wrapping paper laying so delicately next to each other? I took this photo when I got my new light kit and I was so anxious to use it that I wrapped and empty amazon box and spent a sold 40 minutes staging this photo. And then I lost the scissors…

Don’t mind me just standing here gracefully on a cliff dreaming of my beautiful wedding day and Prince Charming. There is not a care in the world…

>>I know it looks like I’m standing on a sturdy rock, but I’m not. This rock was maybe 3 inches wide and it was insanely windy! Being in a long dress, on a cliff, with wind (and a little rain) was not ideal. I was freezing! I’m pretty sure this was the shot right before a HUGE gust of wind came and knocked me into that bush in front of me. Luckily the dress didn’t rip! Also, you see that artistic and beautiful bouquet? Yeah we just picked some weeds and sticks off the ground and put a hair tie around the bottom.

Could my hair be more perfect? And that pout! Spot on. Great head shot if you ask me.

>>I’m standing in cow poop. In flip flops. Not kidding.

Look at me contemplating my Christmas tree choice in my cute ankle boots as the sun shines so perfectly down on me.

>>The salesman would not leave us alone! I wasn’t actually going to buy a Christmas tree, I already had one set up at home. I just wanted some cute bloggy photos! We finally got away and were chasing cats (there were two of them chasing us actually) and in this photo I’m actually trying to get a cats attention while also pretending to look at this tree because the salesman found us.

So there you have it! Behind the scenes of my latest not so fabulous “most liked” photos. I love this post because I think it perfectly sums up #thestruggle all bloggers have with getting that perfect shot. It takes a lot of planning, time, and practice to get these shots! And sometimes they still aren’t perfect. I can say though that these photos always come with some great memories and fun times with my husband and sisters.

Which behind the scenes photo was your favorite?
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0 thoughts on “Instagram Unplugged // Vol 3”

  1. Hahaah I love this! So many times we see a photo and think every is perfect. The behind the scenes is a great look into the blogging world (:

  2. This makes me so happy : ) It's hilarious but oh so true; even despite the struggles behind your pictures though, you are PERFECT!! That picture of you on a cliff is award winning.

  3. They are all wonderful photos and I love knowing the behind the scenes stories. I think my favorite is the cafe shot because it reminds me of my sister. She is a professional photographer and her catch phrase is “It isn't a photoshoot unless we've moved the furniture.”

  4. This is awesome!! I love how you share how hard it is to get a perfect photo and how picky we are as bloggers to make photos happen. I can not tell you how many times I go to take photos of something and I don't like the angle or I change it a million times. What lighting system do you use for your photos?

  5. Yes exactly! It is not easy taking a photo! Depending on the shot I either use my Cannon T5 and just edit it or I have a studio light kit I bought on Amazon πŸ™‚ Most of it is just natural light and a little enhancing!

  6. Hahahahahaa I cannot even express how awesome it is that you do this. It's awesome, it's inspiring, it's funny, and I think I might have to start doing it now, too, because I just love how down to earth and raw it is! And you're so right…Instagram is just so staged. ha!

    Coming Up Roses