For the month of March the creators at Trend magazine decided we want to focus on empowering women. Our March issue is completely dedicated to inspiring women but we feel so passionately about women empowerment we wanted to do a weekly challenge as well! The purpose of the challenge is to bring attention to women and inspire them to live fearlessly and love themselves.

Each week there will be a new social media challenge for every one to participate in. You can choose any day of the week to post but we encourage all women to participate each week and connect with others! Simply post the appropriate photo and caption and use #womenempowermentchallenge and tag @allthingstrend to participate! The weekly challenges are posted below so check it out and tell your friends!

Week One March 1-6th
Post a photo of yourself and finish the following caption “I am empowered…” Then use the hashtag #womenempowermentchallenge and tag @allthingstrend

Week Two March 7-13th
Post of photo of something that drives your passion and the following caption “My passion is driven…”. Then use the hashtag #womenempowermentchallenge and tag @allthingstrend

Week Three March 14-20th
Post a photo of someone who has been there for you through everything and finish the following caption “My partner in crime because…” Use #womenempowermentchallenge and tag @allthingstrend

Week Four March 21-31th
Post any photo and finish the following caption “I want to empower…” Use #womenempowermentchallenge and tag @allthingstrend

Are you going to help us empower women by participating each week?

0 thoughts on “March Women Empowerment Challenge”

  1. I love this challenge and the purpose behind it. I'm totally on board – thanks for bringing awareness to women this month and for providing a fun platform to do so.