When does it become socially acceptable announce to the world that you are in a relationship? Should you update your Facebook relationship status? Is this picture of you two kissing appropriate to post on Instagram? Do these questions sound familiar? I decided that I would never have to ask myself these questions again because my and husband keep our relationship off social media.

Why we chose to keep our marriage private

We rarely talk about each other on Facebook and it has been that way ever since we started dating. You will never find me writing a lengthy status about why he’s so important to me or see a lovey dovey message from me on his wall. Does that mean that we never say those things to each other? Absolutely not! We just think that it’s a part of or marriage that belongs to us and us only. Some couples may think differently and that’s okay too. We don’t even have a relationship status on Facebook. Why? Because if you really know him or me, you know we’re married so we just don’t see why we would need to update our relation status online.

Bottom line: we’re private people so it just makes sense to keep our relationship off the world wide web.

The benefits of living a social media-free relationship

People we know are used to us not sharing anything online so they don’t get worried about us because we haven’t posted anything in a while. I love my privacy. It just feels good to know that my marriage is not documented on social media. Our relationship or general living situation doesn’t get judged or analyzed through a computer screen.

We live in the moment. We never worry about snapping a picture of small or even big life events. We didn’t even posted about our house buying journey: my best friend was the one who announced that we had bought our home by posting a picture of us in our new kitchen! Facebook would have been ignorant of this big life step of ours if it was not of her!

We catch up with people in real life. If they want to know what’s up with us, they have to meet up with us! Time with friends is always fun so I’m not complaining!

My opinion about couples on social media
I will be honest and tell you that I get annoyed if a couple post about EVERYTHING they do. I don’t care if you went on a walk with your fiancé and I didn’t need to see 5 pictures of the fancy homemade dinner you made with your boyfriend. Are they sharing too much? I don’t have an answer for this and I don’t think there is one. I have unfollowed people who I felt were sharing too much about their relationship (and about their life in general). I have the freedom to unfollow people and those people have the freedom to share as much as they want online. If they’re comfortable doing it, I don’t see anything wrong with it, it just doesn’t work for me!

I feel like a weirdo sometimes for being so private online about my marriage but I’m sure I’m not alone. My hope with this post is to get a conversation started about the topic of relationships and social media.

What are your thoughts on sharing your personal life on social media?
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  1. I think this is great! While people on my social media (my husband doesn't have any) know I am married, I never post anything about our relationship. The people who need to know, know and the majority of the people on social media don't need to know 🙂

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