It’s the end of March and I am starting to feel like I am getting my life together. Well kind of…it’s a process, ha! Even after prioritizing some of my daily tasks and getting an assistant I still just feel like I’m starting to get some free time. What do people even do with their free time? I feel like I’m just wasting precious time I could be using for something else ya know?

My motto for the year is “Be Mindful” and in January and February I felt like I did really well but then March hit! This month has been really testing my patience. Almost every single student I have been dealing with at work is driving me crazy, Trend’s blog is relaunching in a couple of days and I’m still getting organized, I can’t seem to keep my house clean, bills keep coming in, and I’m pretty sure this baby is toying with my emotions! Needless to say I haven’t exactly been being mindful.
I chose this as my yearly motto because I wanted to work on my impulsivity, enjoy life while I’m young, and be more conscious of my actions and decisions. I wanted to make sure to do quarterly check ins to hold myself accountable and remind others of their goals as well! Even though my overall motto is to be mindful I did make some goals for myself this year. Some of them are read one book a month, take a Helene in Between ecourse, and be more consistent with my blogging.
I did great in January with reading and started a new book in February but haven’t quite finished it yet…and it’s April – oops! I’ve looked into some ecourses with Helene and have started a very small fund to go towards getting one but I did attend a free Webinar of hers and it was amazing! And as far as being more consistent with blogging…well if you’ve been here for a while sorry I’m slacking…but I am trying!
Recognizing goals and where your struggling is important though and that is why I like the motto of being mindful. Keeping that mentality in mind has helped me recognize the areas I am struggling in and need to make adjustments so I can still improve. I think that is why I like goals so much; because they are flexible! It is nice to know that just because I have to change the way I accomplish a goal doesn’t mean that I am a failure. There is nothing wrong with setting a goal, realizing that you may have been slightly unrealistic or circumstances in your life change, and then modifying the goal to fit your needs. Instead of throwing goals out the window let’s just reevaluate!

How have you been doing with your goals this year?

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  1. Love this: being mindful is something I often miss out on because I've living life so crazily and quickly. Stopping to slow down and be mindful is key. Glad it's going well.