In case you missed it Dakota and I are going to have a baby this year! We were so blown away by everyone’s thoughtful comments and truly felt that our little one will be loved. We are so excited and nervous but we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves right?
I honestly don’t know how I kept it in for so long but I somehow managed and now that the secret is out be prepared to deal with all my thoughts and emotions, ha! Since this is our first neither of us have any idea on what to expect but we are really trying to figure it out as much as we can. In the past couple of weeks not a whole lot has gone on but I have had some very interesting conversations and experiences that would never happen in any other situation. So I thought it would be fun to share the 5 most common conversations I have on a daily basis since announcing we are pregnant.
“Oh my gosh congratulations!” – Thank you! *awkwardly stare at each other*
I love talking but apparently I’m not very good at keeping conversations going. I am an open book, if you ask me something I will tell you, but don’t expect me to just open up about my pregnancy because I don’t know what you want to hear or even care to hear. And besides, what else do you say other than thanks? Plus nothing exciting has happened yet so there really isn’t much to say.
“No way! We are pregnant too and due around the same time!” – So cool!
At first this comment drove me INSANE. It’s really selfish, I know, but I want this to be a special moment for me not us. We had been trying to get pregnant for a while and every time someone announced they were pregnant I cried a little inside (and outside) because I just wanted that. Now that I finally get that moment I feel like I am either 1) Just part of the crowd or 2) Someone is stealing my moment.
With that being said since announcing our little one a few others have announced their own pregnancies and I get SO EXCITED when I see we are due around the same time! I try really hard not to freak out and say “Yay! We are due the same time!” because I know how I felt about it but when Haley Devine shares the same due date as you, you bet I was fan girling all day!
“How are you feeling?” – Great! *followed by shock and/or disgust*
I’m sorry that I haven’t felt sick at all! Apparently that’s very uncommon because every time someone hears my response they tell me how shocked they are and/or how with their pregnancy they were so sick for like 10 minutes.
Don’t worry I believe in karma and am fully preparing myself for a very long intense labor since my pregnancy has been a breeze so far…other than the fact that all I want is Cup of Noodles and baked potatoes.
“You’re so tiny!” – I know!
Depending on my relationship with you (and my current mood) I will either be annoyed by this comment, excited, or a little sad. I’m a pretty tall person, and based on the way my lower back is feeling, our little one is sitting very far back so I probably won’t show for a while. I get this comment a lot and you can read more about my thoughts on being thin here but just remember – every one is different and I’m secretly really jealous of all my friends cute bellies.
“Was it planned?” – Yes.
And I will say it with the sass of a teenager. Dakota and I tried for almost a year to start our family but does that matter? Every time anyone asks me that I immediately think they are judging us and don’t think we are ready for kids. Hate to break it to you but I don’t care about your opinion. I know that some people are still very excited for us but that is how your remark is coming across. Even if it wasn’t planned that would not change the fact that I am beyond excited to be a mom and have our own little family.
“Do you have any names picked out?” – Yep, but I’m not telling you.
I learned real quick that people don’t exactly love a couple names we have picked out; more like the names I picked out. So far reactions have ranged from hysterical laughter to the awkward “Oooh, cute?”. Then I usually tell them a more “normal” name and they get excited. Here’s the thing, it is my child and I’m sorry that I don’t like ancient or biblical names but I promise you I will not ruin my child’s life forever.
I have found that whenever someone finally brings their child into the world and they announce the name people just accept the name and learn to love it. So that’s what I’m going to do – keep name ideas a secret until we for sure have a name picked out and then you guys just have to accept it.
But I will give you an hint: I like gender neutral names that haven’t technically been defined as gender neutral yet.

I realize now this post might be a little sassy but they are my real thoughts and I think for the most part you can understand where I am coming from. Were you surprised by any of the questions or my responses? Did I miss any common conversations? Do you have any cute name suggestions??


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  1. Congrats!! This post definitely brings back some memories. At first I always found it hard not to blurt out the names we'd picked when someone asked because I loved them so much. Then I just got sick of people asking.

  2. Ohh girl don't feel guilty for feeling great. Embrace it! Pregnancy symptoms vary so much. I feel like I've been hit with all of the typical symptoms while also never having to call off work. Thankfully, I never had to go on medicine for my nausea…I just had to eat a lot of bread! HAHA.

  3. I absolutely love your honesty about wanting it to be YOUR moment. You want to be able to talk about your feelings at that time and celebrate this hard-earned miracle.

  4. “Was it planned?” LOL. Your pregnancy announcement was seriously the cutest thing ever. I hope someday we can be creative as that! Congrats again, love!

  5. This is so great, Chandler!! I know those awkward, blank stares and silences too; while I loved being pregnant, I often didn't know what to say when people brought it up. I'm so excited for you finally having your pregnancy moment and am looking forward to you hopefully sharing more of your thoughts and experiences through blogging. Just because you're having a good pregnancy does not mean you'll have a bad labor!!!!! I think both will be a piece of cake ; )

  6. Hahaha! Oh girl. You gotta let this stuff go and not let it bother you as much. Because as a mama of two, I can tell you that the comments only get much, much worse and far more judgemental as you progress in your pregnancy and then they explode in your face with motherhood. Just channel your inner Disney Frozen character and “Let it go! Let it goooooooooooo!”

  7. Yes I practically live off potatoes and crackers haha but I haven't been so sick that I can't function thank goodness. Thanks a cute idea though to have a little nick name.

  8. Ugh I know!! I am totally over it now but for the first couple of weeks I was like “everyone back off and let me live my life” haha. I just need to work on my patience!

  9. I've had all these conversations…they don't go away no matter how many kids you have! I made the mistake of telling Bear's name early and I still haven't heard the end of it.

  10. I love this so much!! Congrats! I think my hubby and I may wait to even tell people (or find out) the gender when we know just to keep if more to ourselves and not deal with constant questioning. We will see some day though. How exciting!!

  11. People's questions and comments will just keep getting crazier. Also, when you start to show, some have no reservations about just touching your belly. Um no. I did not care for that at all.