Two months since my last update post! Time goes by so fast I can’t believe it is already the middle of April. So much has happened in the last couple of months and thankfully I have a planner to help me remember some of it. I know I say I am always busy but the last couple of months I have been the busiest by far. Thankfully I am getting caught up at work and getting a better system for Trend and my blog so hopefully I can get back into being more consistent with posting here soon. My goal is two posts a week so fingers crossed!
The good stuff
>> Since becoming an editor for Trend a lot has happened! I have completely revamped their blog and it went live April 4th. I also helped clean up their Pinterest and we organized their Facebook community page too. If you haven’t already I recommend checking out the community page or their blog because I’m just super proud of its progress. We have a long ways to go but it’s a big difference from where we used to be.
>> Two of my cousins got engaged and that is so weird and exciting! I just can’t believe they are old enough to be married, so weird. My entire extended family is really close so it has been fun talking to them and helping them plan wedding details.
>> My little sister is graduating soon and has been accepted to multiple different colleges and I’m one proud sister. I can’t believe my youngest sister is all grown up!
>> Dakota and I announced that we are going to be adding an addition to the family in October 🙂
>> I got new light bulbs for our apartment and our house is so much brighter! It is amazing what different light bulbs can do for a space. Plus now that it’s getting warmer we have the windows open and I just can’t wait for spring! #adultlife
>> My friend Kylie moved in to our complex and it is so nice having a close friend live so close! Plus we are both pregnant so our babies can be cute friends just like us!
>> You know how I have been complaining for months about my hair being a static mess? It’s not anymore!! I just realized it this morning so I don’t know what I did different but as long as it doesn’t come back that’s all I care about!
The not so good stuff
>> Dakota’s back/leg is still just as bad. The doctor we were going to was a joke so we are looking at getting second opinions on what we should do including surgery. We have an appointment in a couple of weeks so hopefully we can get some answers or a timeline. We really want to have a game plan (and hopefully a resolution) before our little one comes.
>> We went to go renew our truck’s plates and failed our safety inspection. Sadly the repairs we need to do are very expensive so we are saving a little before we can fix it and just sharing one car. So far it has actually been easier than we thought!
>> For some reason our insurance company (or the doctors office we aren’t really sure) is saying that Dakota is not recognized on our plan so our bills have been ridiculous! None of it makes sense because obviously we are paying hundreds of dollars a month for both of us to be covered so hopefully we can get to the bottom of that soon and save some money.
In my spare time
>> HAHAHA What spare time??
>> In the few hours I do have a moment to spare I am usually planning, organizing, cleaning, or watching Pretty Little Liars. I know I should read one of my new books or get a handle on preparing for our baby to come but I just keep telling myself I have time. I know, I know, it will go by fast but my main concerns are a car seat and a crib; everything else I can manage last minute right?
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