Just causally walking across this beautiful steam in a beautiful canyon on a perfect day.

>> Yes it was a perfect day that is why my sister and I decided to go hiking! We had to boulder around this huge rock in order to get up here but it was so worth it. Everyone else on the trail had little kids and didn’t dare try and show them how to climb a rock so it was all to ourselves! So naturally we spent a solid hour taking photos of me “walking” across this river. First attempt I looked exactly Big Foot. Why are walking pictures so hard?

Mail day! Cute getting all of these cute things in the mail is what all bloggers dream of. Fresh set up makeup, Victoria’s secret finds, and this perfect tee from an Etsy shop! Let me just lay these goodies on top of my marble counter top and stare at them. #livingthedream

>> I’m not going to like I only had to take 4 photos of this before I found one that was Instagram worthy! And after sending those 4 pictures to my sister for her opinion we both decided the first one I took was the best! Um score! Also I bought everything here except for one item and that counter top is actually a photo backdrop I bought. But hey, I nailed this photo!

On vacation in the most charming little town! So much color and life am I right? My life is basically amazing.

>> I didn’t take this photo on the cruise we just took. I actually took it on our last cruise over a year ago. And I had to edit the crap out of this photo in order to get the colors just right. It was such a gloomy day and I had no idea how to work a camera at the time so thank you to the ColorStory app!

Yay I am pregnant! Let me just casually take some fabulous photos at my in-home studio and I am totally pulling off this bright red lipstick.

>> I don’t have an in-home studio and probably never will. This is our spare bedroom but it was a lot of work to get it to look this clean and bright! We had to move all of our Christmas decorations, boxes, and everything else we store in our “storage room” against one wall and push the bed to the other side of the room to eliminate as many objects as possible. Then we had to somehow set up the lights amongst all of that clutter and then my sister had to balance in this one tiny spot to take the picture without knocking everything over. And I made her take the photo at least 100 times.

Just me and my husband looking at pictures reminiscing about fun times growing up and our life together. #couplegoals
>> You can go ahead and assume that if I don’t have marble countertops you can bet this isn’t my actual living room. It’s a beautiful studio we borrowed to make our baby announcement video because there was no way I was showing our 70’s style nasty apartment to the world. Dakota was a little grumpy from me forcing him to take pictures and do a lifestyle video but I promise we are still in love 🙂 This video was a little awkward to film (who knew being yourself was so difficult!) but thankfully our videographer/photographer was able to make us look good! Also this is a professional photo….
What’s your favorite “behind the scenes” story?

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  1. Love the realness of this! I always love talking with fellow bloggers about their “real” Instagram stories…it's so funny and refreshing to know we are all in the same boat. However, your pictures are absolutely stunning and that little fish & chips place looks picture perfect! And CONGRATS on the baby news…so exciting!

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  2. I love this behind-the-scenes look! The only good story I have was when I moved things off a table at my sister's house because I liked the table runner as the backdrop for my book and cup of coffee. My nephew watched me take about 20 different shots and said, “You're taking a picture… of a book?” Yep, totes normal! 🙂