I still can’t believe we are having a little boy! We would have been excited with a boy or a girl but I secretly really wanted a boy. All of my friends are having girls though so I really thought we would be having a girl but he is definitely a boy! I was so anxious walking into the ultrasound knowing our lives were about to get more real and I was nervous that our ultrasound wouldn’t be very great (since our first one was so fast!) but thankfully all anxiety went away. We had a nice long ultrasound and he was moving around, getting all snuggled up in my ribs. We couldn’t really see his face but I’m sure he is adorable.
I am so excited for a boy! I grew up with all sisters and always wanted a boy plus how cute will Dakota be teaching our little boy how to fish and be a gentleman?? I am fully intending on being that typical “soccer mom” by going to every game/concert/etc. and just being involved. Plus I have no idea how to do my own hair so I won’t have to worry about doing a little girls 😉 It is still surreal to say things like “He is the size of an avocado” rather than “it’s the size of an avocado” but we are just beyond excited!
We do have some names picked out, nothing official yet, buuut I do have an awesome nursery and baby shower idea! I’m sure the next 6 months are just going to fly by so I am trying to soak up every bit of this easy pregnancy as I can. This year is going to be a big year for us so make sure to subscribe, follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin, whatever you like and join our adventures!



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  1. You two are so adorable. You have so many fun creative ways of announcing your big news! I'm so incredibly happy for you, Chandler, and I can't wait to follow you in this journey. I hope my first kid is a boy too someday 🙂

  2. Chandler, I am so ecstatic for you and Dakota, it's so freaking awesome!!

    We haven't found out what we're having, but hopefully Spot stays on track with their due date and we'll find out in just 10 weeks!
    Spot's the last baby due (baby number 9) in our line of family and friends who have had/are having babies. The first one (Alex's brother's and his wife's baby) arrived in November 2015 (girl, sex known before birth); next one was our close friends in January 2016 (girl, sex known before birth); my brother and his wife in February 2016 (girl, sex unknown before birth); boss and his wife in March 2016 (girl, sex known before birth); close friends in April 2016 (girl, sex known before birth); close friends (interstate) April 2016 (girl, sex known before birth). The next three, including Spot, are all sex unknown until time of birth!

    Everyone I come across seems to think I'm having a boy, but I have no inkling either way, and neither does Alex. Like you, we're happy with either and are now just waiting!