It’s crazy how your life can change in a matter of weeks, days, or even in an second. Thankfully for us we have been blessed with some great changes in the last few weeks! I think I love these update posts because it’s great for me to look back and see all of the memories and experiences we have had and how much growth and change we have gone through in such a short time. Even though I write the posts for everyone to read they really are for me (#sorrynotsorry). And isn’t that why most of us start blogging anyways? To have a place that lives forever we can go to, to reflect on our lives with the ones we love most? With that in mind let’s get down to the details!
The good stuff
>> A couple weeks ago we found out we are having a little boy! We are so excited but I think I am the most excited. I never had brothers growing up and always wanted to have have boys so this will be a fun adventure!
>> Dakota has his back surgery scheduled for tomorrow!! After a year of trying to figure out what’s wrong, doing physical therapy, and so many other methods of treatment we got a second (third? fourth?) opinion and we decided to move forward with the surgery. We found a great neurosurgeon in our area and the surgery should be really quick and easy with a fast recovery time. So send prayers and positive thoughts to us tomorrow!
>> I applied for a different position at work and was offered the job! It was quite the interview process and I have never been more anxious for an interview before but thankfully they saw past my awkwardness and felt I was the best person for the position. I will be a recruiter for SkyWest airlines as well as help with their marketing on social media/blog.
>> We cleaned out our guest bedroom and it is officially going to be our nursery! Weird but so exciting. We also bought a crib and got it all set up! And my grandma sent me the sweetest package with a couple onsies and blankets and it got me even more excited to get everything set up. We still need some necessities before I go crazy with clothes and decor but we still have time – even though it’s going by so fast!
>> Trend just announced today that we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign! We are so excited to grow and hopefully this opportunity will help us. Follow them on Instagram for more details to come.
The not so good stuff
>> My house is a mess (as always) and I just really don’t ever want to clean it. My only motivation is 1) I don’t have any clean dishes/clothes or 2) People are coming over and I don’t want to be ashamed of my house haha
>> I’ve been really slacking on my monthly goals this year! I just don’t have time/don’t make time so I think I need to reevaluate them and make them more manageable rather than just ignore them.
In my spare time
>> My sister finally convinced me to watch Grey’s Anatomy (more like came over and forced me to watch it) and I have to admit it’s pretty good! I have only seen 4 episodes but now that I started I think I’ll finish it.
>> I’ve been reaching out to some companies about collaborating and hopefully I can get some responses soon and I can work on some projects!
>> Mostly just preparing for baby by browsing Pinterest, reading books, and planning the baby shower! There is so much I didn’t know about pregnancy/babies it’s insane and insightful.
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