I get SO many questions about my hair and how I maintain it, so today I am going to answer your questions with my stylist Evan! Thankfully for me, I’ve known Evan for a long time. He is my best friends brother in law and started doing my hair years ago – and I keep going back. Evan recently moved to his own personal salon downtown and is doing amazing work there. What I love about Evan is not only is he amazing at coloring and cutting my hair but he also is so personable! We have known each other for so long so I’m sure you are all saying “well duh Chandler you guys know each other” but I have seen him interact with his other clients (new and old) and it always impresses me.
How many of you get a text from your stylist saying “Hey I found this great new product and thought of you when I bought it!” or when you go in for your appointment they have your favorite drink waiting for you and have done research on new products to get that perfect look you want. Evan is the kind of stylist where he genuinely wants his clients to have the best experience and the best care. He does his research and he takes the time to give his clients his undivided attention so that they leave happy and understand what is going on in the salon chair. That is the type of stylist everyone should have! Someone who walks you through the process, make you feel smart, and let you know you can handle your hair! Okay, okay I will stop bragging about how amazing my stylist is now. My point is without Evan my hair would not be as healthy and beautiful as it is.

Let’s talk about color. I’ve been trying to go white for over a year – and I’m so close! It’s important to remember that if you want to change your hair color it takes time. Brunettes, you can’t expect to have one hair appointment and be blonde. Blondes, you can’t expect to have one hair appointment and be a silver fox. It just doesn’t work that way – unless you want to completely fry hair….which I don’t recommend. I also recently learned that sometimes your hair (specifically blondes) can only bleach so much. My hair will probably never be solid white until I’m 90 and that’s okay! I like having dimension in my hair with my natural blonde throughout – it looks more natural and the upkeep isn’t as intense.

A good way to keep your color “cool” or “ashy” like mine, talk to your stylist about the right shampoo and conditioner combination. “Purple shampoo is a clarifying shampoo. It makes your hair more dry but also tones your hair without visiting the salon. For blondes that use purple shampoo my advice would be to use a conditioner that is very moisturizing to counter act the toner. Also, always have a heat protectant because dryers and flat irons can reach 450 degrees – which is basically like sticking your head in an oven.” – Evan Stowers

I use TGIF Catwalk purple shampoo and conditioner every other wash, and for the other washes (or when I run out of conditioner) I use Aussie brand. Mostly because I like the smell and my hair is really soft after! You can buy Catwalk at your local Ulta store or ask your stylist what they recommend.

A good thing to keep in mind when considering hair care is the texture and density of your hair. I have really thick hair and get it thinned out every few weeks. I mostly do it because it’s so dang hot in Southern Utah but I also go in so that I can keep the movement and dimension. Without these quick salon trips, my hair would have no volume, be super heavy, and hard to style – specifically hard to hold a curl all day.
Keeping your texture and density in mind is important when choosing the right hair care products as well. “Some products that are perfect for thicker/courser hair are too heavy for fine hair and won’t give you the results you are looking for.” – Evan Stowers
If you have dry, damaged hair I recommend looking into a great shampoo/conditioner combination and keratin oil. I put oil in my hair once a week to make sure my hair stays strong, smooth, and healthy. If I do it more than once a week my hair can get oily so the one time is a perfect balance. This weekly routine, along with a daily heat protectant spray, has kept my hair so healthy! I also don’t blow dry or straighten my hair on the hottest setting. Even though it would be faster to use the highest heat, it’s not worth my hair falling off or looking fried and dry.
Another great tip, specifically for summer, is use a hair mask. If I have been swimming a lot or washing my hair every day a good mask can help keep my hair and my color strong. I have a purple hair mask that I use every other week in the summer to help keep my hair tone cool and help with damage control. It’s really easy to use and it’s a quick at home care tip with great results!

Overall the best thing you can do for your hair is not do too much, too fast. Enjoy the process, educate yourself, and get a great stylist that will go through the journey with you. Once you get that look you want it’s easy upkeep from there – just be patient. Talk to your stylist about realistic hair goals for your hair type and listen to their advice. Find what works for you and stick to it! I’ve been using the same products for over a year and have yet to be disappointed! Evan stays educated on new products so we still try different things out, and I love some of those new products, but sticking to what has worked has been great for me.

What are your hair care tips? Comment below if I missed a question you had for me!
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