Another month has gone by already! This baby boy will be here before we know it and reality is slowly starting to set in. I still feel so unprepared but I know that I can only prepare myself so much for our first little one. I am in full “nesting” mode lately and want to redecorate and deep clean everything! I can only imagine what will happen when it gets closer and I have nothing to do haha Hopefully I can channel this energy into more blog posts….
Dress here | Hat similar here | Lip color here
How far along? 24 weeks or in other words 6 months! Say what?? I typically tell people how far along I am in months (they seem to understand it better) and when I realized its been 6 months I got a huge reality check! PS did you know pregnancy is actually 10 months not 9?
Weight gain? 15 pounds
Maternity clothes? I haven’t officially bought anything from the maternity section yet but I probably should. I went to try on some pants the other day and even though they fit me perfectly in the legs I couldn’t button or zip them to save my life! Thankfully it’s summer and I can wear dresses every day so maybe I can go this entire pregnancy without buying a new wardrobe!
Sleep? This last week there has been some tossing and turning but I don’t know if it’s because I am starting a new job, my hip pain, the baby, or all of it combined. So hopefully I can get some better sleep soon.
Best moment of the week? Dakota has finally felt our little man move! I wish he could experience all of the movement I do (it’s a lot!) but hey a little kick here and there will have to suffice. My mom, sister, and I went to IKEA and bought some cute things for the nursery as well! Everything is (very) slowly coming together and looks great so far 🙂 Once everything is done I will be sure to do a post about it.
Weird pregnancy symptoms? I don’t have any “weird” symptoms but it is weird having to go to the bathroom a million times a day!
Movement? Oh yes! This little guy likes to move around to get comfy all day long – especially when I am trying to sleep.
Food cravings? I still crave slurpees from Target just not as much. Also Spanish rice or food from a local Mexican restaurant (Poncho and Lefty’s) is always on my mind! I mostly just want to eat food all. the. time.
Anything make you sick? I went on a business trip to LA and when the airplane was landing I got pretty nauseous. Thankfully once we got to the gate I was fine but that initial decent was rough!
What I’m looking forward to? Finishing the nursery and planning the baby shower!

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  1. I love following along with your pregnancy! You look so good and sounds likes you have so much going on. Can't wait to see your nursery when you're done with it. 🙂