I can’t help but laugh at myself whenever I buy I a new outfit or go somewhere trendy because my first thought is always “I need a cool photo!” Now I don’t go crazy and take pictures of my food for 15 minutes but I do enjoy sharing those fun moments with my friends and family on social media. If you know me, you know that I am actually super awkward in public (and in general) so taking “Instagram worthy” photos can often be a challenge. I love this series of sharing the back story behind some of my Instagram photos because reminds me that others are just like me (or so I hope) and that you every picture has a story.
I want to take this series to the next level and share your stories as well! We can get so caught up in taking photos and appearing perfect that we forget to look at the actual moment we are creating. Some times we nail a photo and other times we have a ridiculous story to share with it. So if you have a story to share with your photos use the hashtag #lifeasablogger and I will reach out to you about being featured in the Instagram Unplugged series! For now here are my stories, and I have to admit these are some of my best ones!
Look how stylish and cute I look! The perfect slight breeze to the hair, the bright/soft colors, and of course a brick wall and phone booth!
>> This porch is actually part of a bed and breakfast and the owners are not exactly the nicest people. They are extremely adamant that people don’t take pictures in their space and bug their guests. So naturally my sister and I ordered food from the restaurant next door and snuck onto the porch to take pictures. Every sound we heard we bolted for the restaurant and then would sneak back over. And no, we did not get caught! At least not this time….
Just casually sitting next to the empty pool with my fancy bag. Very summery pictures and totally sporting my sponsors!
>> We snuck into this pool at a retirement community for the empty pool and I would do it again! Even though the pool was empty I was still awkward as ever and didn’t know what to do with my legs or hands. I sat at literally every single side of this pool to get a variety of shots and play with lighting and I ended up only liking the 4 where you can barely see my face.


Beautiful candid shot. Me and my girls sure know how to have a fun time and I am totally nailing this whole summer thing by being at the pool again!
>> Obviously we snuck into the retirement community pool again….my friend Alyssa brought her dog this time and an old lady (and her dog) yelled at us and told us the dog was not allowed in the pool area. So poor Winston had to sit just outside the fence watching us have a blast in the cool water while this old lady sat on her back porch and made sure we didn’t sneak him inside. Also we took about 5000 shots before finally deciding this one was good enough. Three people being candid and cute is a lot harder than one person!
Classic picture of me and my little sister being cute and stylish.
>> My mom had to take this photo and that is always a good time! She likes to do close ups (like too close) and we had to keep telling her to back up and stop zooming in and then promised to keep the hair out of our faces and smile with our teeth. Not to mention we were in front of the IKEA entrance in Las Vegas so it was packed because it just opened! We just wanted a cute picture by the blue wall and it turned into a full on photo shoot with awkward angles and our mom telling us what to do. But at least we can say our mom made us do it right?


Having a blast on the 4th of July in my super cute romper! You can’t get more patriotic then a red outfit, white wall, and blue icees!

>> This wall is actually the back of a church in the middle of downtown on a main road. I still have no idea what kind of religion meets here but I am grateful for their white walled building. I thought this would be a great spot to make my outfit really pop so we decided to go for it! I didn’t think about the busy road so I had my first experience with a bunch of people looking at me while I tried to take pictures. Best part was a group of immature teenage boys pulled up and cat called at my sister and I so I yelled “I’M PREGNANT GO AWAY!” I don’t know why I chose to say that of all things but hey they left.

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