I am all about candid photography. I love catching and seeing people in their raw and true element – I think it makes for the best photos. There is so worrying about being perfect, you see genuine emotion and remember moments exactly as they were – lived. But as a blogger almost every thing is staged because we are trying to promote a product, business, etc. and we can’t always be frolicking through a forest with these items. So we stage looking “candid” because we want people to think we really do carry a Dove deodorant stick in our purse at all times or that it’s totally normal to drink coffee on a white rug. Plus when we show these products/businesses we want readers to know that they truly are practical to use in real life. So without a lifestyle photo shoot, you just get pictures of deodorant sticks in front of a white wall – still pretty just not as exciting.
A few weeks ago I was hanging out with some girlfriends and we were having a hard time getting a photo we all loved. I know #firstworldproblems, but we really wanted to highlight our day and remember these crazy summer moments! After about 30 minutes (not kidding) of struggling to look candid (*instead of having actual fun) we started talking about how funny it would be to do a “how to” post for candid photography, so I decided I would actually do it! Plus it goes along perfectly with my Instagram Unplugged series. I wish I still had some pictures from past photo shoots and events but here are some from my most recent ones that I thought were pretty great. I’ll start you out with some “not too embarrassing” photos so I don’t scare you away but there are some doozies at the end!
Left: Get really awkward and make a ridiculous face to get your jitters out.
Right: Laugh at your ridiculous faces and start walking towards your photographer to see if any of the photos are good enough so you can be done already.
Left: Get a nice stance, lock your knees, and get an overly excited look on your face.
Right: Get a nice stance, lock your knees, make a weird face, and wave your hands around like crazy because you don’t know what to do with sticks on fire.
Left: Place hands awkwardly by hair but don’t touch it! Look off in the distance and imagine you’re smelling America’s freedom.
Right: Place hands awkwardly by hair and slightly play with hair – remember we are trying to look casual. Channel your inner Pocahontas and let the wind take over! Act natural.
Left: Get pregnant and try to climb over a fence in a dress. As you are climbing the fence say “If I put my legs like this would it be cute?”
Right: Stand in a really public area and ask a bunch of strangers to walk by and stare at you. Try to look confident and uncomfortable at the same time.
Left: Get a group of your cute girlfriends together and tell them all to look at each other and laugh. Then panic because you don’t know where to look or how to laugh on que.
Right: Tell your friend to look at you as you whip your beautiful hair “naturally” into the wind. #nailedit
Left: Try to stand in the deep end of the pool to take a picture. If you aren’t tall enough like your friends, try using the side of the pool to keep you up. Then get a leg cramp and panic because you don’t want to get your hair wet.
Right: **Note my friends/sister actually know how to take a cute photo** Stand sideways and push out your belly so people clearly know you are pregnant. Then say “do I look cute?” over dramatically.
And there you have it! Everything you need to know to take a completely natural “candid” photo for all of your social media and blogging needs. Comment below some other tricks you use to get that perfect “candid” photo and share them on Instagram with #lifeasablogger for a chance to get featured here on Life as a Larsen.


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