How far along? 28 weeks, hellooo third trimester!

Weight gain: 16 pounds

Maternity clothes? I did buy an undershirt a couple weeks ago because my normal ones just wouldn’t stay down and I finally bought some maternity pants. I don’t know what took me so long because these pants are SO comfy!

Sleep? I toss and turn all night! I am most comfortable when I lay on my back but you’re not supposed to sleep on your back so it’s a struggle.

Best moment of the week: My friend Kylie had her baby yesterday!! We have all been anxiously waiting since July 4th for her baby girls arrival and she is finally here. It was great to get the text messages about her progress and get a taste of what the delivery day will be like for me. It’s even more fun that we will have babies so close in age just like their mommas 🙂

Pregnancy symptoms? Leg cramps. Oh the leg cramps! Seriously the worst thing that has ever happened to me. The first one I got I woke up crying at 4am because it was that bad. Thankfully Dakota was on a camping trip so I didn’t wake him up but I had to massage my leg for a while before the cramp started to go away. Sadly it came back whenever I changed leg positions but I have added more potassium to my diet which has helped a ton!

Along with the leg cramps, restless leg syndrome. I wish I could explain accurately what this feels like so I’ll try my best. It feels like I have a phantom leg/arm/whatever that is just flailing around like crazy when in reality I am not moving at all. It’s the weirdest feeling and it makes sleeping even more difficult. Daily walks during and after work have been helping!

Movement? So. Much. Movement! I seriously wonder if this guy ever sleeps. He moves the most when I get off work and finally get home to relax. It’s like he knows I’m home and wants to play or something. It’s slightly annoying (especially when I just want to sleep) but when he doesn’t move for a while I get nervous, ha!

Food cravings? Strawberries and Nutella for sure and also water! Some days I just cannot get enough water, probably due to this desert summer heat. I also crave Mexican food from time to time….

What I’m looking forward to: I know I say this every time but I’m excited about the baby shower. We finally picked a theme and started making invitations and getting things together! It’s going to be one big party for sure 🙂 I’m also excited to go to Chicago this week for work so hopefully I can run into The Daily Tay….if only, if only.

Our 4 year anniversary is coming up at the end of the month as well and we are actually planning a weekend getaway and having a real anniversary. So far, every year, something has come up where we weren’t able to spend our actual anniversary together. This year is our last year as just the two of us so we made sure to make it count! So if anyone has any fun things to do, eat, explore, etc. in Charlotte, North Carolina or the surrounding area let me know 🙂

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  1. If it makes you feel better my doc said I could keep sleeping on my back as long as it was comfortable. He said you will know if you are squashing anything important (or whatever the risk is). It wasn't until like 34 weeks that I started to feel my heart race when I would lay on my back. Now I'm really confined to my left side.