Life has been pretty crazy lately and if you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat you know what I’m talking about! If you have been around here for a while you probably also noticed that my weekly posts have significantly dropped! Sorry about that….but if you are still here THANK YOU! This week is an exciting one for us Larsen’s so I thought I would do a quick life update to catch everyone up to speed. Comment below if you want more details on certain things and I will do a full post on it!


The Good Stuff
>> I hit my 30 week mark this Friday! How crazy is that?? I swear I just found out I was pregnant and only have roughly 10 weeks left is scary because we don’t have any thing except a crib and a couple outfits #parentingwin

>> Dakota had his follow up appointment last week and everything from his surgery looks great! Everything healed well and his new xrays showed that he is perfectly healthy again and cleared to be more active.

>> This week is our 4 years anniversary and we are celebrating with friends in Charlotte, North Carolina for the weekend. We have no idea what we are going to do so any suggestions would be great!

>> My baby sister turned 18 and my other sister has been in New York for an entire year already! Crazy how fast they grow up…

>> I started my new position at work about two months ago and so far it has been great! Very different from my last position but I have been loving it. The team is great, job is great, and I get to travel for work – what more do you need?

>> All of my friends are having their babies or announcing they are pregnant! It’s been so fun comparing symptoms and holding all the new babes 🙂

The bad stuff
>> We have had sugar ants in our house for three weeks now and they will not go away. Before you ask or give suggestions, yes we have tried everything. Yesterday I decided to bleach our kitchen, walls, floors, windows, etc. to see if that would help so we will see. This morning I didn’t see any ants but they typically come out in full force at night when it’s cooler. My house smells like bleach and is cleaner than an operating room but I have a feeling these ants will still find a way….

>> Even though I passed my glucose test (woohoo!) apparently my iron levels are pretty low so I have to take an iron supplement every day. Which I have forgotten to do today…..

In my spare time
>> Planning my baby shower with my mom and sister has been so fun as it gets closer. We are having a fiesta pool party and I seriously can’t wait. What better way to celebrate than with a pool party in the middle of summer complete with food and games? I just got the invitations and I can’t wait to send them out – they are perfect!

>> The last couple of weeks I have been trying to read my baby books more so I can feel more prepared for when our little man comes. I know I can’t really be fully prepared but getting more information on labor and delivery has been helpful.

I’ve also been working on some fun giveaways and collaborations and one of them is for my friend Summer from Coffee With Summer! Today is her two year blog anniversary and we have teamed up with some other amazing ladies to give away the ultimate package! All you have to do to enter to win all of these goodies is to complete as many tasks as you would like to! The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have of winning! The giveaway runs from July 27th – August 3rd and the winner will be notified and announced on the Rafflecopter form by Saturday, August 6th. All entries will be verified before choosing a winner. Enter fairly!

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  1. I can't believe you only have 10 weeks left! It feels like just yesterday that I was watching your cute video announcement. Also I am going to try so hard to come to your baby shower because it sounds amazing and I haven't seen you in forever!