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I have a lot of thoughts about becoming a mom and to be honest they are hard to put into words. This week is my 8 month mark and I am facing the reality that our little man could be here before I know it – and I don’t feel ready. Physically I can only prepare so much. Every labor is different and we won’t know what his sleep and eating patterns will be like until he is here so we will just have to take that as it comes. Mentally I don’t feel prepared but think I am more prepared than I will give myself credit for. I haven’t read a lot of books about pregnancy or babies, I haven’t taken any classes, and I ask my mom questions every single day. I do know that I can’t prepare myself for everything and that I could read every book in the world and still have questions though and that keeps me mentally strong. Emotionally – to be honest I have no idea where I am at. I feel like I am more afraid than anything. People ask me every day if I am excited and of course I am but I also feel kind of numb.

A lot goes into having a baby. First there is deciding to have a baby and then actually trying to have one. Dakota and I tried for almost a year before we were finally successful and that alone was an emotional and mental challenge for us. Then there is the stress of surviving the first 12 weeks of pregnancy since this is when most miscarriages happen. From there we have choosing doctors, medical bills, eating well, getting daily exercise, preparing the nursery, the list goes on and on. It’s interesting comparing my mentality from when we were trying to have a baby to now. When we were trying I wanted so badly to have a baby and every month was a disappointment. Now that we are just a couple months out I am so nervous and question my abilities to be a parent.

The world is in a fragile state right now and we are responsible for raising a child with good strong values while the world continues to be challenged. We are responsible for teaching our child to talk, walk, play, share, be confident, be independent, and so much more and that is terrifying. I love our son so much already and want the best for him already so I am putting a lot of pressure on myself. I also don’t have a ton of experience with babies in general and am afraid that I will be too dependent of others when they can’t really help that much. I’m nervous to see how this will change mine and Dakota’s relationship as well. We have had opposite work schedules and lived apart for 6 months while still maintaining a great relationship but babies require a lot of attention and time. I don’t want us to lose focus on each other during this new adventure.

Thankfully I have an amazing support system. My husband and I have already been through a lot of challenges in our relationship that have helped us be mindful of each others needs and keep that spark alive. Plus I know he is going to be the most amazing, selfless, supportive dad and I can’t wait to see the relationship grow between them. Our families are close and more than willing to help when we need but also not challenge our parenting style. Friends and neighbors have already expressed their support to us as well and I know that we are surrounded by people who love us and will be a welcoming and safe environment for our family to grow in.

I know that all of these thoughts are just some of my own insecurities and that they will go away with time. There are so many perks of being pregnant and starting a family and I truly am excited to meet our little boy and to learn and grow with him. I love being able to feel him move so much, watching Dakota talk to my belly, decorating the nursery, and wearing cute maternity clothes! I know it’s a little weird but I was nervous about my changing body. Yes, I know I am tiny, but the last couple of weeks my belly has grown so much and I can barely walk to the bathroom without losing my breath and you don’t exactly feel beautiful all the time. Every body is different and I have certainly been blessed with my size throughout my pregnancy but that doesn’t mean I still have insecurities. I work in a corporate office where you can’t exactly wear leggings or sweat pants every day so trying to find cute, comfy, professional clothes is hard!

So when I found PinkBlush maternity I was in heaven! Their maternity clothes are so stylish and so comfy – exactly what I needed to feel and look good. When I first came across their website I spent hours going through their maternity clothes trying to narrow down my purchases to just a couple items. I knew we were taking photos soon so I wanted to find a dress for that occasion specifically while still getting something I could wear to the office. After getting opinions from Dakota and my best girl friends I decided on this beautiful lace dress.

This dress was perfect for our photos! It’s a soft blue that looks great with my bleach blonde hair and since we are having a boy it tied in perfectly for maternity pictures. The lace adds a feminine touch and texture for a subtle but not too busy look. Also since my belly is still pretty small I didn’t want a large print or strong pattern to take away from my bump so the lace was a perfect choice. The fit was perfect on me! I was nervous the material would be itchy or staticy but it was actually very soft and smooth. I loved the length of the dress and the length of the sleeves as well. Southern Utah has very hot summers so a floor length dress or long sleeve dress isn’t idea. I liked how this dress was long enough to give me coverage but I could still show off my legs and be comfortable in the summer. I also loved that the dress is versatile for every season! Spring, summer, fall, winter, this dress would look good all year round at any event with the right accessories.

Something else that really impressed me about PinkBlush was my overall experience. There is such a large inventory for every body type and stage of pregnancy. They also have everything from casual to very formal events, shoes, pjs, etc. I loved the variety! Their website is very easy to navigate and their customer service was top notch! I had a couple of questions about sizing and shipping and they got back to me very fast and the entire experience, even though it was brief, was personal and pleasant. Their prices are a little bit higher than your average Target but the quality is well worth it and I will definitely be shopping their again.

Since my experience was so great I decided to team up with PinkBlush to give one lucky lady a $75 gift card to their store! To enter simply:

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  1. The clothing is gorgeous! I wish I could of worn cute clothes when I was pregnant but I didn't fit in any (too small believe it or not) so I wore badly-fitting normal clothing LOL. I think its good you haven't read any books etc. Your natural Mom-stincts will kick in and you're going to be GREAT. You'll raise your baby the way you know is best, now the way a book tells you to. Congrats and I wish you all the best! I can tell you're going to be a wonderful Mom XO

  2. Congrats! You hear it all the time: A baby changes everything! It just does, and you know that's going to happen, just not exactly how. I haven't slept 8 hours straight in 2 years. It's been rough and wonderful all at the same time!

  3. Ooh I love Pink Blush! I have actually won a giveaway from them before! I love their clothes and they can be worn pregnant or not! Your pictures look so cute! So exciting! Being a mother is the best!

  4. That is such a beautiful dress! You will be a great mom and you will both be so in love with your baby. That is a love like no other. All your fears will go away….until new ones arise 🙂 Honestly, things fall into place and you will both figure it out and be blessed.

  5. You look great and I love Pink Blush Maternity! Their maternity clothes are so cute, especially the dresses. I'm going to be a first time mom and we just registered our little girl for daycare today. I love the daycare and my nephew already goes there but the thought of having to leave my 6-8 week old (depending on delivery) is definitely a little terrifying. I don't know how I will be able to focus at work when I know my little tiny baby girl is being taken care of by other women. I know she'll be in great hands but still.


  6. I was reading Cara's post today and saw that you said you were expecting soon and so I am so I had to come visit your blog! I totally understand how you feel about being excited and scared all at the same time! Most days I don't really feel like an “adult” and now I am going to be responsible for another human life? It is a crazy feeling!

  7. Thank you Terryn!! I am so excited to see him for the first time and get an idea of what love for a child is like. So far we have been blessed with everything falling into place so I think you're right 😉

  8. I totally agree! It took me so long to figure out which dress I wanted and then I ordered a couple more haha. I am so nervous to go back to work when that time comes but thankfully we have tons of family in town that will take care of him the few hours a week we need 🙂

  9. Yay I'm so glad you stopped by!! I totally understand what you're saying! Some days I still just want to goof off and feel so young so it's scary to think about raising a baby but we wouldn't have started our family if we didn't think we were ready.