Happy Thursday, loves! For the last month or so, I have been working behind the scenes with some amazing bloggers to bring you a monthly series called the Coffee Chat. Each month us 6 bloggers will pick a topic that deals with life, blogging, and more personal topics. I am so excited to bring you this series and introduce you to bloggers that I know you will love!
Let’s meet the bloggers!
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Hi everyone! I”m Katelyn and I am the blogger behind Katelyn Blogs. I am so excited to be part of this coffee chat series with some of my favorite bloggers!
I’m a twenty-something aspiring Girl Boss, full-time advertising and public relations student, and fiancé to my boyfriend of five years. Katelyn Blogs is my creative outlet celebrating female empowerment and my place to share my experience and tips in beauty, lifestyle, and blogging. I’m obsessed with coffee, cats, and anything from the dollar aisle at Target…you’ll see a LOT of those things on my Instagram!
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Hey ya’ll! I’m Cara, a police wife, mother of two boys, and full-time marketing professional, and I blog over at Kindly Unspoken. I’ve only been blogging since last November, but the focus behind my blog is to help inspire others to be confident in their own skin, to take risks, and to always go after their dreams no matter what. Readers of my blog will find posts on makeup/beauty products and how-to’s, cute and affordable fashion, delicious homemade recipes, DIY crafts, and stories about my life with my beautiful family.
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Hello everyone! My name is Chandler Larsen and I blog over at Life as a Larsen. On my blog you can find marriage and relationship posts along with some humorous lifestyle. Soon I will also be incorporating more family and mom posts since we are expecting our first little boy in a couple months! I love to be outdoors and do activities like rock climbing, hiking, fishing, camping, etc. but don’t mind a great night in watching Netflix either. I love Target, Pepsi, documentaries, and living my life with no regrets.
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Hi, my name is Allison and I’m a twenty something living in the small town of Ponchatoula, LA. I write Because I Said So as a creative outlet and to inspire others. Because I Said So is a collection of my thoughts on the people in my life and things that I love; basically my life according to me–with little sassy tidbits thrown in here and there. I’d label it “Lifestyle” but I write about my family, work/life experiences, Fashion, My dog-child Laney, How Tos, Recipes, and more!
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Hey all! My name is Kara and I am the owner of the blog Fit Chick Nextdoor. If you visit my blog you will find tons of posts about our favorite beauty products and tips as well as fashion, career, blogging and lifestyle help. I love helping my readers whether it is finding really great products or with their careers. My readers are incredible and I love the community that we have built!
Hi everyone! I’m Lexi, an appraisal underwriter by day and a blogger at A Blissful Haven by night. I’ve been blogging on and off for about two years. When I’m not underwriting or blogging, I’m busy planning a wedding, entertaining our two dogs, and organizing our house. A Blissful Haven is a lifestyle blog where you can find a little bit of everything such as beauty and fashion posts, home decor tips and inspiration, DIY crafts, tips and tricks on succeeding in life. A Blissful Haven has a little bit of everything for everyone, so be sure to stop over and take an escape from realty!
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