How far along? 36 weeks and some change! Can’t believe he will be here before we know it.

Maternity clothes? Other than what I already have, nope! I just keep buying big slouchy clothes since that is the style right now. Thank goodness I can look cute and be comfy! I do need some good nursing bras though and I’m trying to decided what to pack in my hospital bag. Any advice or favorite brands would be appreciated!

Sleep? It has been a little bit better the last week but I do wake up a lot more so go to the bathroom in the middle of the night which isn’t fun. My legs have still been pretty restless and my hips still hurt but I’m getting used to it.

Best moment of the week: I’m not sure if this is considered the “best” moment but last Friday I was having pretty frequent contractions and was freaking out! I could breathe through them just fine (it was more tightening then pain) so I didn’t go in to the hospital but it gave me a huge reality check. As soon as I got home I packed baby’s hospital bag and started cleaning! I was mostly freaking out though because Dakota was up on a mountain hunting, my mom was gone on a retreat, and my dad was in Texas for business. So if it was real labor I would have only had my little sister. Dakota’s family lives by us too but no one from my side would have been there and that was scary!

Since Friday we have bags packed, nursery organized, and we are ready just in case he decides to come early – which I honestly wouldn’t mind 🙂 We also got our maternity pictures back and they are too die for!! Sorry for all the over Instagramming this last week – I just can’t help it. They turned out amazing!

Pregnancy symptoms? False labor! My friends are telling me that it’s just my body preparing for the actual labor so I can’t complain too much but the back pain is REAL. The contractions (or Braxton Hicks?) aren’t too bad either just uncomfortable. I also have been getting nauseous at night and go to the bathroom at least twice a night!

I also get tired so easily! Seriously walking from my car to my office building is a lot of work – my legs get sore and I am out of breath haha so embarrassing. I never thought that the cliche pregnancy symptoms were as intense as they actually are. Sore feet, frequent trips to the bathroom, can’t get off the couch without help, pregnancy brain, etc. They are totally real and I apologize for ever doubting.

Progress? At my appointment last week I was just under a 1 and 50% effaced. Which basically means nothing too crazy but my body is preparing which is good! We will see how my appointment goes tomorrow.

What I’m looking forward to: Mattix to be here (obviously) and clean carpets! I told Dakota that all I wanted for my birthday and Christmas was our carpets to be shampooed and for it to be done before the baby comes so he better deliver! I’m really hoping he remembers…or reads this blog post…no pressure babe!

As we are closing in on delivery day we would love to hear any advice you all have! What the first couple weeks might be like, what to pack in hospital bags, items you wish you bought but didn’t, how you and your spouse dealt with the changes, etc. I’m also thinking about doing weekly updates until he is here since we should be seeing some progress every week! I’m thinking maybe Tuesdays since I have my weekly appointments on Monday’s but comment your thoughts 🙂

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  1. I love your bump dates (especially now that it makes me think about what's to come). You look fabulous! So exciting about all that is to come! Let me know if you have pregnancy tips 🙂