How far along? 38 weeks

Sleep? This last week was really good except for one night. My legs were so restless I just wanted to cry. I got up around 1 am and just walked around my house to try and get them to calm down but it didn’t help much. I can’t even explain how frustrating restless leg syndrome is! I just want to cry thinking about it.

Best moment of the week: Finishing putting the nursery together was nice and a lot of fun! I wanted to keep it pretty gender neutral so that we could use a lot of the same things for future kiddos so I went with a soft blue, gray, and white color pallet. Dakota and I redid the dress and I think it turned out amazing! It’s not the best quality but it will work for now and looks perfect in the room. We found the cute book shelves at IKEA and pretty much everything else is from Target! It may not be much but we love it and can’t wait to have our little boy in there.

Also this week some of my coworkers and I got together and did a freezer meal swap! I will do a full post on it eventually but it’s nice having a freezer full of tasty meals I can just throw in the crockpot. I know these meals will come in handy when the baby comes and I won’t have time or motivation to cook.

Pregnancy symptoms? Restless legs (obviously), hot flashes, contractions, and suuuper moody. I get so irritated over the stupidest things so fast! And then I get frustrated that I’m overreacting haha And sometimes I just feel like crying. I haven’t actually cried yet but I often just get really sad and just want to cuddly up on my couch and do nothing but be sad – with ice cream….

Progress? None from the last week 🙁 Still about 1 1/2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Which I know is pretty good at this point but with the false labor contractions I’ve been getting I thought I would be a little bit farther along! He’s just too cozy in there I guess!

What I’m looking forward to: Having my body back! I know I’m pretty small but I feel uncomfortable all the time and it’s getting old. Plus I miss wearing all my cute clothes haha

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