Happy Thursday! It’s time for another Coffee Chat! This month all of us hosts are discussing what our favorite fall traditions are! Grab a warm cup of coffee (of tea) and enjoy! coffeechat3 Alexis: Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Fall brings not only my birthday, but also all of my favorite things. My favorite fall tradition is spending every Saturday morning making some kind of meal for football, typically chili, watching College Gameday and then spending the whole day watching football. I am definitely a football junkie. I don’t care who is playing, from the noon game to the 8:00 game, you’ll find me in front of the TV. Another fall tradition, which just started last year, is Brad and I go pick up pumpkins, build our own 6 packs of fall flavored beers, and then spend the evening carving pumpkins while listening to our favorite Pandora station and making small talk. It’s definitely my new favorite tradition.
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Allison: Fall is probably my most favorite time of the year. The weather is getting cooler which means I’m not cranky from being hot all of the time.
I’m excited about starting new traditions with Josh and getting married (technically still fall, even if it’s December 3rd!). My most favorite things to do during this season are going to the fair, having bonfires, and having beyond great hair days (hello, NO HUMIDITY!)

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Cara: If I had to choose a favorite season Fall would most definitely be it. My family and I love spending time outside and enjoying the cooler weather and it’s not unusual to catch us sitting around the fire pit in the evenings. My husband and I love drinking some delicious apple cider (Redds is the absolute best) and we always make some yummy s’mores for the kids to enjoy. Another tradition we started a couple years ago is going to our local pumpkin patch and picking out some pumpkins to carve/decorate. Last year we carved them out into traditional jack o’ lanterns, but this year I’m thinking of doing something different, like splattered paint which I think the kids would have a blast with. img_3457
Of course, Fall isn’t complete without celebrating Halloween, and we always have a blast dressing up and making delicious Halloween themed treats. My boys helped me create this cute layered Monster cake last year, and we’re already planning to create a fun concoction this year too. Can’t wait to enjoy the fun fall months ahead and to make more traditions with my family!

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Chandler: I absolutely love hiking and camping in the fall! It is the perfect weather and so beautiful this time of year. There honestly is nothing better than being surrounded by trees, sitting my a campfire, and snuggling up to my husband. And he will actually let me because it’s just chilly enough for him not to get hot! Going out to our local outdoor amphitheater is another great tradition this time of year. Every year since I have lived in Southern Utah we have gone to see a dance concert at this amphitheater and it is something I look forward to so much – even though I know every dance it’s still special. I also absolutely love candy corn and I swear it only tastes good this time of year, ha! 11148358_10208006158856410_4985947479924553969_o 10421974_10206947324866222_52874431447139144_n
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Kara: I personally don’t know what I love more fall fashion, fall smells or fall weather. One of my favorite things to do every fall is organizing my life. Is that weird? I always reorganize my entire apartment, reassess my goals and refocus on what else I want to accomplish before the year ends. It is just something I enjoy doing every fall. I also love following fall fashion and beauty trends on YouTube and Pinterest. A tradition that I love is pumpkin picking and wine tasting. Every year my boyfriend Feyonce and I go pumpkin picking and always have a mini contest of who can carve the better design. At the end of the night we drink the wine we tasted and purchased that day. Other than that I don’t have many traditions but look forward to making new ones. I do want to go apple picking and plan on going this season since it has been on my fall bucket list for years. image1-5
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Katelyn: It’s time for another Coffee Chat! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather, the cute fall outfits and boots, and the pumpkin-flavored everything. (Year, you could call me basic.) My favorite fall tradition is going to the pumpkin patch every year and picking out the perfect pumpkins with my fiance and family. Every year we have a pumpkin-carving party and watch scary movies and drink coffee while we spend hours carving out the design. Pinterest is my biggest inspiration for pumpkin-carving ideas. Last year I attempted to use a drill to put a lot of holes in designs across the pumpkin and it looked gorgeous lit up on the front porch! This year I think I’m going to paint my pumpkin white and write something in gold calligraphy across it so it will last longer. Do you carve pumpkins each year? Tell us in the comments below! Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 7.51.32 PM

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Sarah: Hey lovies! Thanks for joining in on this month’s Coffee Chat. I am so excited about this month’s prompt because it is all about my favorite season, Fall. Today we are talking about our favorite Fall activities and traditions. Being that I am in Florida, we don’t really have a real Fall it is more like a second summer, 90 degrees, palm trees that stay green and afternoon rainstorms so, we fake it! My favorite Fall tradition is to decorate. Our house is always chilly so although it is 90 degrees outside, it is cool inside. This is the first year that we have been in a house so I went full out! Our porch, entry way and dining areas are all done up. As a couple, John and I love going to the various Fall festivals and pumpkin patches our city puts on. We also love to cozy up and watch cheesy lifetime movies. This year, we are going to create a DIY firepit in our backyard so hopefully these crazy Florida temps will drop a bit so we can use it! And finally, our other favorite tradition is to cook and bake together. We enjoy finding new Fall flavored Pinterest Recipes and trying them out. What are some of your favorite Fall traditions and activities? Be sure to come back for next months chat!

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What are your fall traditions?

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