Our baby boy is finally here and he is perfect in every way! I went into labor Saturday evening and I was not expecting it! I remember waking up Saturday morning and Dakota and were joking about how that could have been our last night sleeping as just the two of us – little did we know it was true. That morning I got up to go shopping with my mom and we walked around for hours just looking at furniture and other shops. I lost my mucous plug that afternoon and was freaking out because I knew that meant we were making progress! Typically women don’t go into labor until 3-5 days after losing their plug so I didn’t think much of it other than we were one step closer.
That night around 9 pm Dakota and I were watching TV and it happened – a small gush that was definitely not normal! I got up to go to the bathroom and could tell that my water had totally broke! I couldn’t believe it. So naturally I walked back to the living room and casually said, “Babe I think we should really go to the hospital now – I’m pretty sure my water broke…” HA! When we got to the hospital it was after hours so we had to call the nurses station to let us in. I wasn’t sure what to say so when they answered I said, “Yes hi. I think I’m having a baby.” I know – I’m so awkward. They took us back into a room where they checked to see how far I had progressed and I was dilated to a 3 but my water had definitely broke so they admitted us.
I got an epidural right away and it was heavenly! I wasn’t having too bad of contractions yet but I wanted to be ready in case I progressed really fast (and the nurses suggested to get it sooner rather than later) and it was so nice. At 3 am I was dilated to a 5 and by 4 am I was at a 9 – I couldn’t believe it! They called my Doctor and she was there within 15 minutes and we started pushing. It was the most surreal and difficult 40 minutes of my life. I knew that I was about to have my baby in my arms but everything was going so fast I couldn’t process it all. Plus pushing when you can’t feel you legs or core is so weird! I felt like I was just making an intense face the whole time rather than actually pushing haha but I guess I really was because at 5:14 am we had a beautiful baby boy in our arms!
I heard his cry right away and was instantly relieved and felt so much joy and love for him already. They put him on my stomach and cleaned him off a bit and Dakota cut the umbilical cord before they took him to be weighed and measured. They brought him back to me for skin to skin and it was overwhelmingly beautiful. Then seeing Dakota hold him just melted my heart! He is so perfect and we are so blessed to have our beautiful healthy baby boy finally with us.

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