What happens when you don’t give Dakota direction, ha!

Our little boy was a little jaundice so I really wanted to make sure we got outside for a couple days to help get rid of it. We recently had a new all abilities park open up in town so we decided to go check it out – along with the rest of St George. It was a good thing that our kid was only a week old and couldn’t actually play at the park because it was packed! Seriously I felt like we were at Disneyland there were so many cars and people. There shouldn’t be a line to get on a see-saw at a park, ha! So we walked around the entire park and then went on the bike trail outside the park.

It was a nice quiet walk which was a nice change from the crowded park so we were able to snag a couple pictures. The first ones with all three of us! I tried to take Mattix out of his stroller but he was pretty mad about me interrupting his nap so just imagine the stroller is a cute baby. And of course Dakota can’t take a serious photo so the one photo we actually have of the three of us he’s making a ridiculous face haha But I love it – it shows his true personality!

It was so nice getting ready and getting out of the house. The first week was an adjustment (more on that later) but transitioning to parent life has been amazing. To keep myself sane we are going to try and get outside at least once a day! Whether it be visiting friends or going for a walk we will get out of the house and enjoy the perfect weather before it gets too cold.

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  1. I totally agree! I was glad that we were basically forced to see our doctor a couple days after we left the hospital because we had to leave the house. It was really helpful and now it's not so bad leaving the house!