I wasn’t originally planning on getting new born photos done because it seemed like a lot of work and the first week transitioning to parenthood was exhausting. Thankfully my friend Kylie and her sister Tayli from Driven by Love were nice enough to convince me to take a few pictures while we were all hanging out. It wasn’t anything fancy but they turned out amazing! Typically I would just take pictures myself (thinking I would be skilled enough) but Tayli did a way better job than I ever could!

Kylie turned her entire living room into a studio, complete with a bean bag, white background, and everything and we took some photos! Plus Mattix didn’t pee on anyone so I call that a win. He did pee in a blanket though….sorry Kylie! I’m so glad we took the time to do this mini session, even though Dakota couldn’t be there, because we will cherish them and frame them to show his future girlfriends how cute he is 😉

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