coffeechat4 Alexis: The fall season always reminds me to reflect on all of the things that I am thankful for. I like to sit back with a journal and write down all of the positives from the year and write everything that I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for my health, my family, getting engaged to my wonderful fiancé, our dog, getting a new puppy, my job, and for my overall life. There has been so much negative in the world and taking time to reflect on all of the things that you are thankful for is a great reminder of how good your life is. As far as my favorite Thanksgiving food, pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite and must have. Keep up with A Blissful Haven on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’.
Cara: This time of year is always a great reminder to count your blessings, and I’m always so thankful for this wonderful life I’ve been given. First and foremost, I’m of course super thankful for my wonderful husband and two boys. They are seriously my world and bring me so much joy. No matter how rough a day I’m having, leave it up to them to always bring a smile to my face and remind me of what’s truly important. I’m also so thankful for all of the things that most people take for granted, but for me it’s such a blessing to own my very own house, to have a warm bed to sleep in at night, and to always have a well-stocked fridge and pantry. Not everyone around the world has these luxuries, and I definitely do not take that lightly. Each year, it’s always a wonderful thing to be able to see all of my family and to get together for a few days and enjoy each other’s company over good food for Thanksgiving. My personal favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes and gravy. I could seriously eat it all day, every day! And for dessert, who can resist delicious pumpkin pie?! Be sure to follow Kindly Unspoken on Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, and Facebook.
Chandler: I love this time of year because everyone seems to have more awareness of gratitude and charity. This year has been one for the books for my little family and I am more thankful than ever! When I look back at the last year and all of its challenges I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my husband and our families. My husband has done everything he can to make sure that I am taken care of and that we are set up for our future. On top of that our families have really stepped in to help us out when we really needed them and I am so glad we live close to them! Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday – not only because of my moms amazing mashed potatoes and stuffing but because it reminds me to reflect on all the positive things in my life that I so often neglect. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and remember to take time to say thank you to those you love! Keep up with Life as a Larsen on Facebook and Instagram.
Kara: Where do I begin? I am so Thankful for my fiance, my family and friends, my new blogging friends, and my readers. I have personally been on a bit of a spiritual/growth journey lately so having people around me who support and encourage me has been tremendously inspiring and rewarding. My favorite Thanksgiving food is probably anything dessert. I actually don’t eat too much on Thanksgiving because I don’t love turkey or stuffing. I know – the horror – but I will never turn down a dessert. One of my favorite treats I like to make/bring is my chocolate coconut balls. They are basically dark chocolate, coconut oil and coconut flakes and they are so naturally sweet that you only can eat one or two. Follow along on Bloglovin’, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube. screenshot_20161107-085611 Katelyn: I’m thankful for all the amazing women I’ve connected with through this blogging hobby- both in person and online. (Like the cool ladies in this Coffee Chat!) I’m also thankful to have only ONE semester left in college and as always I’m thankful for plenty of coffee to get me through it! 😉 My favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes and gravy! Who else thinks they taste better at Thanksgiving?? You can find me at: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Sarah: Happy November babes! This month is all about what we are thankful for. I have to say that this year I am most grateful for my loving and supportive hubby. We got married in March and since then there have been ups and downs but he is always right there supporting me. With some new big changes coming for us soon I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.
I hope you all have very happy Thanksgivings. I know I am looking forward to stuffing with cranberry sauce and all the pumpkin pie!

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What are you thankful for?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

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