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The last month transitioning to parenthood has been quite the adjustment. You try to prepare yourself for 9 months, and your friends and family will give you advice, but you really don’t know what you need until your little one is finally here. For example we didn’t realize we had hardly any socks for our little boy until after he came! How do you not have socks? A basic necessity I use almost every day and I don’t have any for my baby, Good job Chandler Thankfully socks are a quick easy trip to the store though. The past few weeks have been a major adjustment and learning curve for me. One day I think I know what I’m doing because his schedule was great and he wasn’t too fussy, and the next day I am crying out of frustration.
Learning what your baby needs takes time and patience but eventually every parent gets there. You start learning what each cry means and how to differentiate them and you both gradually adjust to the schedule you want to maintain. As a new mom I have come across some amazing products that have helped me tremendously with building a schedule and keeping my sanity. Every single one of these items has been a gift to me and I am so grateful for them because they have helped us out so much. Some of these items may seem obvious, but for a first time mom with practically no experience with babies, these were game changers.

We are 5 weeks into being parents and I still can’t really swaddle my little boy with a blanket. I mean, I technically can but it’s not the same as the SwaddleMe blankets my mom got us. They have Velcro pieces on them so that 1) you know where each fold should lay and 2) you can get a nice tight swaddle! It makes swaddling so much easy and since you don’t have as much extra material to work with it’s faster – which makes for a happy momma at 2 in the morning when I have to reswaddle him after a diaper change.

White noise machine

We received a white noise machine from my aunt about two weeks ago and it’s been a game changer! Now I believe that you should take your kids places that our loud so that they learn to sleep through noise but at night, when I want him to sleep for longer periods of time, this little machine is on full blast. You would think that by making noise it wouldn’t help him sleep but it totally does. It basically knocks out any other sound and helps him figure out his night routine.


This is one of those products that you’re probably all thinking, “Well of course you need bibs!” but for a newborn who doesn’t eat solid foods yet I thought these were pointless. Seriously every time I got one I thought to myself, “What am I supposed to do with these until he needs them??” Let me tell you all something – my child is a messy eater. Like bad. I swear he eats like he has never been fed in his life – he can’t seem to eat fast enough! This makes for a very sloppy but cute face/neck covered in milk and one very wet outfit. Well guess what? If you put a bib on your baby before you feed him it will solve all your problems! And yes, they do make bibs in newborn size – who knew? This basic necessity has made my life so much easier as he learns to eat and I can’t believe I went almost three weeks without using them. #lessonlearned

This is huge for every new mom whether it’s your first or fifth kid. Having a new born is tough and a lot of work. They take over your world in the best ways possible but also challenge you like you never imagined. They basically run your world and there are times where you feel very alone. Bringing a meal over, watching the baby so mom can get a small nap in, or just spending time with someone goes a long ways. My husband has been amazing at supporting me and keeping me sane. Since he can’t help out at night he really steps up during the day when he can. He cleans, makes sure I eat, and takes over baby duty so I can shower or get whatever else I need done. Plus he is still his weird goofy self which I love because not only do I get some good laughs in every day but I can tell that he is trying to keep our relationship the same as it was before baby came.

I was really worried that we would be so consumed by taking care of a baby that we wouldn’t make time for each other. Our relationship isn’t exactly the same as it was but we both try every day to keep one another in the back of our minds. Every night Dakota asks me what he can do to help me and that simple question, even if I don’t need anything, means so much! I’m one lucky girl and am grateful every day for my little familyj No matter what challenges come our way we can manage it all!


When you have a newborn you have to keep track of everything. Their poops, their pees, how often they eat, how long they ate, nap time, etc. And let me tell you something you don’t hear about being a new mom – you lose your phone and you lose it often. Or if you are one of the amazing women that don’t lose your every 30 minutes you have no desire to look at your texts and emails or be on social media. Without your phone it’s hard to keep track of all these important things! That’s why I’m so grateful for my JORD wood watch. It never leaves my arm and I can easily keep track of our new schedule.

If you know me very well you know that I rarely wear jewelry other than rings. I wear my 4 rings every day and that’s it. No earrings, necklaces, bracelets, nothing! The idea of wearing a watch at first was gross to me. I don’t want a big bulky watch taking up my already tiny arm and watches always seem like the just get in the way. But I really wanted a watch, since I kept losing my phone, so when JORD wood watches reached out to me I was excited! This watch is perfect for my needs and style. It’s very simple but has a unique face to make a statement and it’s light weight. I seriously love how light it is on my wrist, I don’t even notice I’m wearing it throughout the day. Another thing that I love about this watch is how easy it is to put on my wrist. I know that seems really dumb but I’m so picky about this stuff! I don’t want to be wasting my time and effort trying to put on a watch for 5 minutes. This watch is just an easy two click process that I can literally do one handed!

It may be too soon to say but I think I can get used to wearing watches and bracelets now. It’s been really nice having a watch so that I can keep track of my baby’s schedule (sleep training is hard!) while running around like crazy every day. Plus I love the style adds a classic and modern look to my worn out mom look! Something so simple can go a long way.

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What are your baby must haves?

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  1. Jordan got quite good at swaddling Phoenix while in the hospital. I couldn't get out of bed for the first two days and we didn't think of bringing velcro ones with us! Rookie mistake!

  2. Love this post! I can't imagine how crazy it must be to get on a new schedule with a baby, but I feel like you're doing it so well! I totally wouldn't have thought to get bibs for a newborn either!

  3. These are good tips!! Your little man is adorable. The only thing I would add is a nose freda nose sucker and backpack diaper bag. Who do you think he looks most like?? I would say The Hubbs.

  4. Oh man the schedule change has been so intense. And then just when we think we are in a rhythm something happens and throws his whole schedule off so we have to start over! But we will get there 🙂

  5. The nose freda's scare me! I don't think I can get passed sucking out my kids boogers hahaha We do have a backpack diaper bag and it's so awesome – good point! I think he def looks more like Dakota but sometimes he looks like my little sisters baby photos.