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With Christmas just a few short weeks away I need to start buckling down and getting my shopping done. I wish I could just tell everyone “Hey, Christmas isn’t about the gifts so I didn’t get you anything.” but that’s no fun! While it is true that the true meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with giving presents, it is still part of the celebration. I take gift giving pretty seriously because I hate giving gift cards. I personally think giving someone a gift card is impersonal and lame. If I care enough about someone to actually get them a gift you better believe I will take the time to get them something that is unique to their personality.

That being said I can totally understand why people love gift cards. You can get someone something they will actually want without the pressure of messing up! The nice thing about being a new mom is that everything is cute. You just can’t go wrong getting something for a baby! So for all of your friends that just had babies, don’t get them a gift card or another cute outfit, get them something that will make life a little bit easier.

I get asked all of the time what I want or need for Christmas and everything I can think of technically isn’t for me. I can think of a few things I would love to have but they are really more for Mattix but would just make my life easier! Lucky for me Christmas came a little early this year and I was able to get some amazing items to help my transition to parenthood a little bit smoother.

One of those items is the Twist Shake bottle. What makes this bottle unique is the mixer designed to eliminate clumps and bubbles from the formula. Mattix has always been a gassy baby, and being bottle fed doesn’t help, so when I found this bottle I knew I had to try it! I don’t know if any of you have had issues with your formula clumping and clogging up the bottle nipple but it’s very annoying – especially at 3am and I have a hungry baby. Since switching to the Twist Shake, Mattix has been less gassy and I don’t have to clean out his bottle cap ever – win win for all parties!

This bottle is also perfect for me because I’m a busy mom and it comes with a formula container that fits perfectly inside the bottle. Before I leave the house, I put some formula into the container and just put it right into the bottle. This way I don’t have to dig around my diaper bag looking for the formula – it’s right there with the bottle! My absolute favorite thing about this bottle though? The size! It comes in a 6oz size and it is perfect. Most bottles come in either 4oz or 8oz sizes. Mattix typically has 4-5oz a feeding right now so having a 6oz bottle is perfect for him. And this may sound ridiculous but I don’t like using the 8oz bottles because they are so massive when I hold it up to my little guy ha.


Try the Twist Shake for yourself and order one here then tell me what you think! Use the code LIFEASALARSEN20 to get 20% off your order.

Another favorite baby item is the Nested Bean swaddle! I don’t think I can say enough positive things about this swaddle. It’s designed to help the baby feel like they are being held without having to be in your arms all night. The Nested Bean swaddle has weighted sides to help mimic the presence of a mothers body to help your little one sleep better. Imagine sitting down in a bean bag and how comfortable and secure you feel in it; that’s what this swaddle does. The two sides are shaped to fit perfectly between your babies arms and the egg shaped weight on top mimics a mothers hand on their chest or back.

The velcro on this swaddle is ideal for moms! When I first started to swaddle Mattix I just used a blanket and didn’t like it. I could never get the swaddle tight enough. He could wiggle his arms and legs out of that blanket before I even finished swaddling him! Plus there was always too much extra blanket that I never knew how to fold it correctly so it was lumpy on his back or hanging loose at his feet. The struggle is real. I had tried velcro swaddles before but didn’t really like them. Most of them only have a certain section on the swaddle to connect the two velcro pieces together and I again could not get it tight enough. Plus the velcro was SO loud. With the Nested Bean you get nice quiet durable velcro and the entire swaddle will stick to it!

Since using the Nested Bean swaddle my little man has been sleeping in 5-6 hour increments at night! Don’t think about this one, just get it! You can thank me later.

Now not all gifts need to be functional. The best part about having a little baby is dressing them up in all the cute clothes! This particular outfit is from Baby Cubby and it has quickly become my one stop shop for all things baby. Not only do they have adorable outfits like this romper but they have strollers, nursery decor, bottles, and basically everything else you can think of.


What I love about this site is that it is designed with parents in mind. The creators are parents who have been through all of the stresses and challenges or having a new baby. Their purpose is to encourage and inspire new parents as they move on to this new chapter. Because Baby Cubby understands what it’s like to be a new parent, they safety check every thing! This is a huge bonus for me because I don’t want anything bad to happen to my little one if I can help it. The fact that I know they take extra time to test every product they have to ensure my baby is safe gives me so much peace of mind. I like that I don’t have to do a ton of research on something because they do it for me and I can trust that it will be a quality product!


Baby Cubby also offers tons of different resource guides and their blog is updated often with tips! As a first time mom I definitely take advantage of these resources because I have no idea what I’m doing and it’s so nice to get support and reassurance. I never thought shopping for my baby could give me that! The online world can be an amazing place to build connections and get inspiration. I love that Baby Cubby took advantage of that and uses the internet to create a positive safe environment for parents to get advice or support.

Start shopping here or check out their resource guides here!

A holiday gift guide for new moms and their babes

Being a new mom is challenging. You have to juggle so many different roles while still containing your sanity and that is never easy. So i’ll take every little bit of help I can get; even if it’s from something as simple as a swaddle so we can both sleep a little better at night!