Happy Wednesday! It’s the first Coffee Chat of 2017! I’m so excited to have you here. This month the hosts of Coffee Chat are talking about our top posts we wrote in 2016.

Coffee Chat Vol. 6 // Our Favorite Posts of 2016 | A Blissful Haven


“2016 was a great year for me. I feel like I finally started nailing my posts on A Blissful Haven. Some of my favorite posts were, Becoming Mrs. Buxton // We’re Engaged. I love this post because becoming engaged was the single best thing that happened to me in 2016. I loved writing the story of how Brad proposed. In 2016, I started taking more fashion related posts. The first post I did was the 5 Accessories You Need For Fall. Why do I love this post? Because I let my insecurities disappear and posted photos of myself attempting to model. The Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit is another one of my favorites. I had so much fun taking these photos and I really loved this outfit. I wear it all of the time. There you have it, three of my favorite posts from 2016.”

Coffee Chat Vol. 6 // Our Favorite Posts of 2016 | A Blissful Haven

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“2016 marked my first full year of blogging, and it was full of great posts, learning experiences, and milestones. Although I love every single post on my blog there are definitely some posts that stand out in my mind as favorites, mostly because they have a deeper personal meaning to me. My top 3 include my Mom’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, What Becoming a Mother Taught Me, and A Letter to Myself on My Wedding Day.

Mom’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies– I’ve always had a love for baking, which I get from my Mom and Grandma, so I was super excited to share my Mom’s delicious recipe on here in a Mother’s Day themed post. Even better, it was the first post on my blog to go viral- because who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?!

A Letter to Myself on My Wedding Day– To most people, getting married at the age of 19 is crazy. But here we are almost 8 years later and my husband and I are still going strong. In this post, I write a letter to myself on my wedding day and open up a little more about my life and some of the challenges we went through in the first years of marriage. I really love this post because I’ll always be able to look back on it and see how far we’ve come and know that at the end of the day our love is stronger than any challenge we’re faced with.

What Becoming a Mother Taught Me– Becoming a Mom was seriously one of the best gifts in this world and each and every day that I get to spend with my boys is a blessing. They’ve taught me so much about love and constantly keep me grounded, and I’m so thankful. This post is a favorite of mine because I was able to open up about all the wonderful lessons of motherhood.”

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“2016 was a crazy year for me but it was also a very successful year for my blog! I really focused on promoting my posts, rather than just publishing one and hoping for the best, and it’s amazing what a little promoting can do for you. Today I’m sharing my top five posts from 2016 and I hope you enjoy them and feel free to stick around if you do!

Holiday gift guide for the new mom: With so many opinions on what to get for your new precious addition it can be hard to figure out what you actually need. I’m not one for fancy expensive items so I found 3 products that I love and think everyone should know about. Featuring the TwistShake bottle, the Nested Bean swaddle, and the Baby Cubby company!
Transitioning to parenthood: A more personal look into my thoughts on being a new mom. Adjusting my priorities and balancing time with my husband has been challenging but so rewarding!
How to prioritize when everything is a priority: I am naturally a controlling person when it comes to my schedule. I want everything to be organized but often get overwhelmed because I can’t say “no” and want everything to be perfect. I made a list of things that helps me stay grounded and get organized when I am in those moments of madness and sharing them with you!
Mattix James Larsen: A birth story: Sharing the details of the wonderful day we became parents.
Why knowing your love language (and your spouses) is important: Everyone has a love language and it’s super important to recognize yours and your spouses! We can show more appreciation and love to one another by understanding how we want love to be expressed to us.”

Coffee Chat Vol. 6 | A Blissful Haven

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“I’ve had so much fun blogging and growing this year. I loved getting to know all of my readers and I found so many new and inspiring friends. I set goals and crushed them and I also discovered how much I learned which was pretty eye-opening. If I had to pick some favorite posts I would easily say all of my Blogology-101posts, My drugstore makeup dupes post, my beauty blender cleaning video [proud that I created my first video!], and last my life posts. I always love recapping each year to see how much I’ve grown and how far I’ve come. I also love hearing from my readers and seeing what they want more of! I’m excited for the next chapter in 2017 and hope you all will join us!”

Coffee Chat Vol. 6 // Our Favorite Posts of 2016 | A Blissful Haven

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