I’ve missed blogging. I miss writing out my thoughts and connecting with people. But it has become way too much of a hassle for it to be worth it. When you blog you have to be mindful of you readers, your niche, when to post, what to post, good photography, the list goes on and on. It’s exhausting! And it is definitely not why I started my blog.

I started my blog as a way to get my thoughts out and highlight what was happening in our life. Naturally the competitive side of me wanted more after seeing what so many of my friends were doing. I knew I could have a successful blog, I just needed to focus on it. However, the more I try the more I 1) fail. and 2) don’t like it. I know it’s completely possible to make money, grow your followers, have amazing content, work full time, have a family, etc. but I’ve decided that is not for me.

Recently I have been thinking about my happiness and how I can be happier. I have made some personal goals to help my focus but I still feel like I am barely keeping my head above water. By the time I am done at work the last thing I want to do when I come home is worry about writing a post. I want to play with my baby, clean my house, and honestly do nothing. Our weekends are spent hanging out with family and friends so I don’t want to cut into that time either. So, I’ve decided I’m going to stop worrying and just get back to writing.

I just read “The Happiness Equation” by Neil Pasricha and it is amazing! If you want to learn more about taking control of your life and happiness I highly recommend it. This book reiterated every thought I’ve been having for the last few months and gave me some real tools and insight on how to improve. I’m going to prioritize my life and get back to the basics. I still love blogging but my blog is going to be a little different from now on. No more scheduled posts, no more worrying about engagement and numbers, no more sponsored content. Just posts about our life and whatever else I want to write about. Now I do have some sponsored posts in the works that I am still going to uphold, but after those you probably won’t be seeing much.

I feel like the less pressure and obligation I have the more I will enjoy blogging again. I got way too competitive and ended up failing in a lot of ways. I’m going to be more realistic and make this blog more of a journal. Especially now that we have Mattix, and I don’t keep a real journal, I really want to highlight milestones and what’s going on in our lives. Hopefully some of you will still stick around! Eventually I would like to get back to a consistent schedule and posts with more content. For now though, this is what I need and what fits in my life.

Have any of you taken a step back in blogging?

6 thoughts on “My blogs purpose and future”

  1. This is where I’ve been at for a while – and a huge reason why I stopped blogging during the last few months. I just had too much to pay attention to in real life and didn’t want to worry about my blog. While I still will work on the occasional sponsored post, I’ve been blogging just about stuff that makes me happy. I’m not going to worry as much about anything else (especially since Instagram is a joy-suck.) I’m excited to see how your space transforms!

  2. Yes exactly!! I’m so over it and just want to do what I want to do and not worry about numbers or if my content is good enough etc.

  3. Girl, I JUST wrote a post with the exact same thoughts! I really thought when I decided to stay home with Caleb I’d want to blog more but it’s been the opposite. I’m so tired of the blogging world that pushes more followers, growth, sponsored posts, money, etc and it’s taken so much of the joy out of it for me! I want to just focus on documenting our life and the little community I’ve found with blogging and stop worrying about the rest. So glad I’m not alone! I’ll still love following along with your sweet family and hope you find joy in stepping back from blogging a bit. Sending lots of love your way!

  4. I just read your post and was glad to see how similar our feelings were! I couldn’t agree more with you. Such a huge push to produce money, sponsored posts, and numbers and it is so exhausting! Like you, I just want to focus on life’s moments and documenting them. Glad we have the same goals and mindset 🙂

  5. This makes me happy to hear. Hope you don’t take this wrong but your blog was starting to change you. I’m glad your going to slow down and just enjoy it all more ?

  6. Ahhh girl!!! When I saw you posted this on Facebook I knew I had to visit and leave my thoughts. GOOD FOR YOU!! I am soooo happy with you and 100% feel like I am where you are at!! Lately I’ve been feeling a shift as well. I was tired of feeling like I always had to post and keep up with the competition. Especially with IG. It completely stole the joys away from blogging and I felt as if I was blogging for OTHERS instead of myself. NOT why I started….I started because I love writing and sharing content. I felt as if lately I would post content and completely criticize myself for everything, which took a blow to my self-esteem. I really had to take a step back and re-evaluate why I started a blog. Who CARES if I’m not perfect. I’m about to graduate with my Master’s and I’m currently searching for full time school counseling jobs. I’ve been focusing on my career and what gives me purpose, and I’m caring less about blogging. I’m even not looking for sponsorships at the moment. I am actually writing a post right now on my blog’s shift in direction as well, and I had to come visit and read your post for inspo! Thanks for keeping it real, and I commend you for making more time for family!!


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