Summer is quickly approaching and I am so excited to spend evenings at the pool, roasting marshmallows, and going on adventures! Mattix is at such a fun stage right now wanting to explore (and touch) everything but gets bored quick so we try to be creative. We have a family goal to do something active and outside every weekend and so far we have been doing really great. Sometimes it’s just going to a park or hanging out with friends but it’s so nice being with people rather than sitting at home.

Life has been pretty busy lately so I figured I should do a little life update! If you haven’t read my last post about my blogs future I highly recommend it. There will be some changes around here but I’m just doing my best to stay me. Now, on to the updates!

The Good Stuff

>> Mattix has been standing up and crawling like crazy! I love that he’s finally mobile but man I miss being able to leave a room and not worry what he will get into.

>> We started the process for getting pre-qualified for a home. We have learned a lot so far and hopefully can be in our own space by the end of the year! Hopefully before Mattix’s first birthday 😉

>> I was called to be an Activity Day leader for my church and it is so much fun! The girls are 8-9 and they are seriously so much fun. We get together twice a month and it has been my favorite calling so far!

>> We should be closing our settlement from our car crash soon! It has been a long and slow recovery and process but we are getting there.

>> Work has been keeping us both fairly busy. I’ve been handling the majority of all the school visits for SkyWest and it is so much fun! I have been traveling to some new and fun places too. Make sure to follow along on Instagram to see live posts about those trips!

>> Mattix has been taking really awesome naps but still wakes up 2 times a night. We had an amazing week when he only woke up once or none at all but that is just a distant memory now. Good thing he is cute!

>> We are going to DISNEYLAND!!! I am seriously soooo excited! We originally wanted to go the week between my 25th birthday and Mattix’s 1st birthday but it works out better for us to go the end of June. We are bringing my sister and meeting our friend Mark down there so I don’t think we will be missing out on all the “big kid” rides. But any tips on Disneyland with a baby??

The Bad Stuff

>> My right hip has been absolutely killing me since November. We have been seeing a chiropractor, doing physical therapy, and lots of other things for our accident so I thought it was weird my hip was getting worse. Turns out I have really bad arthritis and will need a hip replacement soon. I did get a cortisone shot about 10 days ago to see if we can avoid surgery for a few years. It has significantly helped but the last 3 days I can feel the pain coming back. It’s not as intense but still there sadly.

>> Mattix is teething which means lots of attitude! He wakes up every two hours at night and sometimes won’t fall asleep unless he is in our bed. He is a little bit more cuddly though so it’s not all bad.

>> One of our 4 (yes 4!) family dogs passed away a little while ago. Harley was the nicest and quietest out of all the dogs and is missed!

>> If we ever want to get anything done and want to know Mattix won’t be crazy we put on Moana or Trolls. He will literally just sit and watch both those movies! It’s adorable, convenient, and annoying all at the same time. What movies do your kids love?

In my spare time

>> As I previously mentioned we have a family goal to do something active and outside on the weekends. We have been having fun finding new hikes and activities to do – especially that our kid friendly. If you have any recommendations on activities with babies I would love to hear!

>> Week nights are typically spent cleaning and making sure Mattix doesn’t get too many cuts and bruises, ha.

>> Since we are going to Disneyland a lot of my spare time has also gone to Pinterest and looking up cute shops on Etsy for things I don’t need. But Mattix totally does right??

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  1. I’m jealous of your Disney trip!! That’ll be so fun. I’d like to go again in a couple years. Jordan’s aunt retired from Disney so we’ve been able to go a few times since being married. We love it!

  2. That’s so awesome! One of Dakotas good friends works there so we go visit, do Disney, and visit my grandma! It’s a win for everyone

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