Summer has quickly approached and we want to make the most of it! Even though it will be 1,000 degrees we still want to do a lot of things that are outside. Doing things outside, even as simple as a family walk, are always refreshing and exciting. Plus, Mattix loves being outside. We have talked about the different things we want to do so I decided to make an actual list of those things so we can remember. I hate getting to the weekend and not knowing/remembering what to do. And if you know me even a little you know I love a good list!


We won’t do all of these activities but having some variety will make it more fun. Dakota is finally on a 9-5 schedule like me (yay!) so we will have some more time to get some of these things done! First item to be checked off? DISNEYLAND! We are going this weekend and I am so excited. We are taking Mattix so it will be interesting but worth it.

What are your plans this summer? Any tips on taking a cute baby to Disneyland?

  • Buy a house
  • Snow cones
  • Drive in movie
  • Take Mattix swimming
  • Kayak
  • Glitter Mountain
  • Hieroglyphics at Red Cliffs
  • Movie marathon one weekend
  • Disneyland
  • Zion
  • Grand Canyon
  • Ivins Reservoir
  • Celebrate 5 year annivesary
  • Pine Valley
  • Weekly vlogs