After years of begging I finally convinced Dakota to take us to Disneyland! It helped that our 5 year anniversary is coming, we had a baby, and our friend works there to help convince him. So after months (a couple days) of planning and hours (30 rushed minutes) of packing we were on the road to the happiest place on Earth with our baby and my sister McKenna!

We were fairly concerned about how Mattix would do on the road trip and at the park. It’s about a 5 hour drive from Utah to Anaheim and we were planning on making stops so Mattix could stretch. Thankfully he was such a champ and basically slept the entire time! I think it helped having McKenna in the back seat with him so he didn’t feel alone and had someone to play with. We left for Disneyland Thursday after work and made it to our Grandma’s around 10pm.

We woke up bright and early Friday morning and headed to the park! We got there just before they opened and it was so cool. We were able to go all the way down main street before we were stopped. Right at 8am they make a cute announcement and all of the rides turn on at once! It was so cool to see, especially with so hardly anyone there. Since Mattix was wide awake we started with some rides that he could actually go on. First on the list Buzz Lightyear and then Nemo’s submarine ride! Mattix loved the submarine ride. It was so cute to watch him stare out the little window.

While he napped we took advantage of the rider swap passes. Disneyland has a new system in place for their fast passes and let me tell you, it’s so complicated. Thankfully all of the ride lines were fairly short for most of the day so we didn’t need them. How the rider swap works is two (or however many) people wait in line like normal but when you first get in line you ask for a rider swap pass. Make sure your baby is either with you or close by so they can “verify” you actually have a baby in your party. After you exit the ride you give the pass to whoever sat out with the baby and they can go through the fast pass line! Super easy and convenient. Since we had three people we took turns being the one to stay with Mattix and we got to go on a few rides twice!

We were so tired from only a few hours of sleep the night before so we left the park around 2. Once we got back to my grandma’s house we hopped in the pool to cool off and ordered some pizza. Then we just lounged around and watched movies so we could go to bed early. Saturday we met up with our buddy and hit California Adventure! We spent about half the day there before switching over to Disneyland. I don’t know how we did it but we managed to stay until the park closed. Our Grandma met up with us in the evening to watch the parade and the fireworks. Surprisingly Mattix did really well with the fireworks! We were all squished together in front of the castle and he kept playing with the people around us, it was super cute. He didn’t really watch the fireworks but he also didn’t cry which was my biggest worry.

We had a really fun time and are glad we were able to stay with my Grandma and see our friend! Mattix did so well the whole time and I finally got to eat a churro that wasn’t from Del Taco. Hopefully we can make it an annual thing, I’m sure Dakota would love that 😉 Glad we were finally able to cross some things off our summer bucket list!


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  1. Ahh your trip sounds like so much fun. We love Disney! I didn’t know they had the rider swap pass — that is genius and so Disney. They think of everything.

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